Administrative Faculty & Staff
Associate Head,  Educational Affairs
              Dr. Rob Brown   

Associate Head, Research and Academic Affairs   
              Dr. Tom Mutter    

Associate Head, Clinical Operations  
              Dr. Prakashen Govender    

Postgraduate Program Director
              Dr. Johann Strumpher    

Postgraduate Program Administrator
              Mrs. Penny Godawatte

Fellowship Program Administrator
              Mrs. Cindy Marykuca

Undergraduate Program Director   
              Dr. Marshall Tenenbein  

Undergraduate Program Assistant   
              Ms. Ingrid Heinrichs

Research Administrator   
              Mrs. Linda Girling

Medical Manager, Anesthesia Clinical Assistants Program    
              Dr. Rick Singh

Director of Professional Development   
             Dr. Joel Loiselle   

WRHA Anesthesia Medical Manager for Equipment & Drugs
              Dr. Sanjay Aragola

Chief Resident        
              Dr. Ethan Bohn

Co-Chief Resident
              Dr. Margot Klemmer


Health Sciences Centre - Adult Anesthesia Medical Leader
              Dr. Craig Haberman             

Postgraduate Coordinator
              Dr. Steven Booth      

Undergraduate Coordinator   
              Dr. Christine Pickering   

Administrative Assistants    
              Nemia De Grano
              Alyn Da Jung Yoon


St. Boniface Hospital Site Medical Leader
              Dr. Tamara Miller

Postgraduate Coordinator   
              Dr. Jenifer Ballen       

Undergraduate Coordinator   
              Dr. Alagarsamy Pandian   

Administrative Assistants   
              Mrs. Dianna Erwin

              Mrs. Gabrielle Head


Children's HospitalSite Medical Leader
              Dr. Ruth Graham      

Postgraduate Coordinator   
              Dr. Ainsley Espenell          

Administrative Assistant        
              Rychee Sam