Resident Support & Safety Contacts
  • University of Manitoba Faculty PGME Office - 204-789-3290
    Bannatyne Campus
    Dean's Office, 260 Brodie Centre


  • University of Manitoba Faculty Student Affairs Office - 204-272-3190
    Bannatyne Campus Student Services
    T245 Basic Science Building
    Students Service Bannatyne
  • Doctors Manitoba Physicians at Risk - 204-237-8320 (24 hours)


  • Faculty of Medicine Mental Health Services - 204-789-3328 (Call for initial appointment)
    A120 Chown Building
    - Free confidential consultation and treatment for students experiencing emotional stress from the department of psychiatry.
    - Service is available to students of the Faculty of Medicine, their spouses and immediate family.


  • Student counseling and Career Centre - 204-789-3857
    Bannatyne Campus - S207 Basic Medical Science Building
    Student Affairs: On-Campus Resources


  • The College of Physicians & Surgoens of Manitoba - 204-774-4344
    100-1661 Portage Avenue
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 3T7
    Fax: 204-774-0750
    Toll Free (in Manitoba): 887-774-4344


  • Campus Security Safewalk Program - 204-474-9312
    Campus Security Info


    This unit is available to all Faculty of Medicine Students, their spouses and immediate family. Dr. Mark Prober, Jack Perlov, Ben Prasad, Rowan Sharkey, Mike Harrington and Michael Phillips staff theis unit, providing prompt consultation and treatment for any student experiencing emotional stress. This is a confidential service for students located at 120 Chown Building or may be reached by phone at 204-789-3328.


  • WRHA Employee Assistance Program
    The WRHA Employee Assistant Program is operated by Blue Cross Employee assistance center.
    see at WRHA EAP
    A Service of the Canadian Medical Association


  • Manitoba Crisis Services
    Crisis phone lines and mobile crisis services for all regions of Manitoba


  • Counselling Services offered through Students Affairs


  • Counselling Service at Bannatyne Campus
    S207 Basic Medical Sciences Building
    204-789-3857 or 204-474-8592