WRHA Department of Anesthesia BLS Certification Program
To book a BLS recertification please contact your site ACA and we will set up a session to fit your time schedule.

BLS is a requirement of Clinical Practice, please contact Sean Jardine 204-509-8051 regarding resources and organization of a BLS course.

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Welcome to the WRHA Department of Anesthesia BLS certification program. Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resuscitation consists of a variety of programs designed to provide the participant with current evidenced based knowledge and skills. The focus of this portion of the resuscitation programs is competency and certification at the basic rescuer level. This course is a prerequisite and certification must be achieved before entry to the advanced life support programs. Your certification expires in one year and thus would require ongoing recertification. Every 4 – 5 years a new edition is published reflective of the latest revisions and changes in practice.


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BLS Planning Committee

  • Dr. Barry Bradley
  • Mr. Bruce Knoll
  • Mr. Jared Campbell
  • Mr. Mark Ratz