Graduate Studies GRAD 7500 Information

Academic Integrity Tutorial Overview

All graduate students must register for and complete GRAD 7500 Academic Integrity Tutorial in their first term of study. This is a zero (0) credit-hour course intended to introduce students to their basic responsibilities regarding academic integrity and to the resources available to them.

This course runs entirely online and is comprised of a series of brief videos (the total duration of these videos is approximately 1 hour) followed by a true/false test. Students must achieve 100% on the test in order to complete the tutorial and receive a pass grade for the course. If necessary, the test may be taken multiple times until a 100% grade is achieved. Failure to successfully complete this course will result in suspension of registration privileges, and ultimately, a failed grade and Required to Withdraw action.

You must first register for GRAD 7500 in Aurora, then complete the course in UM Learn. To access the course, go to Enter your UMNetID username and password. Once you have logged in, click GRAD-7500 - Academic Integrity Tutorial under My Courses.

Complete instructions for the tutorial are available at

GRAD 7500 Do I need to take it?

Please review the following list:

  • Pre-Master's students are required to complete GRAD 7500
  • Visiting and Occasional students are not expected to complete GRAD 7500
  • Students must complete GRAD 7500 even if:
    • They have already completed the Research Integrity course
    • They have already completed a similar departmental seminar course
    • Their thesis is in the middle of distribution or they have completed the distribution
    • A span of time of one (1) or more term(s) separates one graduate degree program from another graduate degree program (for instance, if a student completed GRAD 7500 at the Master’s level, took a break of one (1) or more terms and was admitted to another Master’s or Ph.D. program)
  • Students on an exceptional/parental/regular leave of absence must register in GRAD 7500 upon return from leave if it has not already been completed.


Do I have to pay for this course?

  • There is no enrolment fee for this course.

How long do I have to complete (i.e., achieve 100% in) the course?

  • Students must complete the course within their first term of registration.

What happens if I don’t successfully complete the course within my first term of registration?

  • Failure to successfully complete the course within your first term of registration will result in suspension of registration privileges and a grade of ‘FNP’ being assigned to the course. Ultimately, students may be required to withdraw from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

When will I see the course on my transcript?

  • Pass grades will be loaded at the end of each term, and will appear on the student’s transcript after this point.

A grade of ‘FNP’ has been assigned to my course and there is a hold on my student account. What do I do?

  • Complete the tutorial and achieve 100% on the test. Once you have received notification that you have achieved 100% on your test, forward a copy of the notification to the Graduate Student Program Assistant for your department/unit so that they may verify the results, load a “Pass” grade on your record, and remove the hold from your account.

If I completed GRAD 7500 during my Master’s program do I need to take the course in my Ph.D. program?

  • If the span of time between finishing your Master’s and commencing your Ph.D. is one (1) or more terms, yes, you must re-take GRAD 7500. If you commence your Ph.D. without a span of time between programs, no, you don’t have to retake GRAD 7500.

I can't find the course in UM Learn?

  • You must first register for the course in Aurora before you can access it in UM Learn. If you have registered and are still unable to view the course, see Technical Difficulties below.

I downloaded the first tutorial - why can't I see the second?

  • You must watch each video within UM Learn in order for the subsequent video to be released (i.e., don't click the Download button).

I've watched a tutorial - why can't I proceed to the Verification?

  • Students must watch ALL SIX TUTORIALS before they are able to advance to the Verification.

I can't see the Academic Integrity quiz - the page is blank?

  • You must complete the Verification quiz before you can proceed to Academic Integrity quiz. Please follow the steps under the Verification heading in the course instructions

I successfully completed the quiz - why have I not received an email?

  • Emails are sent on a daily basis; as such you should receive your email within 24 hours of successfully completing the course.

I completed the quiz - why did I receive a reminder email saying that I have not yet completed?

  • You must achieve 100% on the Academic Integrity Tutorial in order to successfully complete the course. You have an unlimited number of attempts to achieve 100%.
  • Make sure you completed not just the Verification, but also the Academic Integrity quiz.

Technical Difficulties

**It is highly recommended that you review the course instructions prior to requesting support.**

If any student is having technical difficulties while taking the quiz, please contact Rebecca Tataryn.