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The information below will help you in created a profile on our Engineering Undergraduate Awards website -  ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS

Please READ through the following information prior to contacting the awards coordinator for assistance:

Creating account & logging in

You can view the awards without logging in but you need an account to check eligibility and apply for awards. The first time you use the system, choose "Create Account", enter your UMNetID (the one you use for JUMP and your U of M student email account) and your first and last name, and click Create. The system will email a password to you. If you forget your password, choose "reset your password" on the main page, enter your UMNetID and you'll be emailed a new password. You can subsequently login to the website using your UMNetID and your password.

Profile: Student Number

Enter your 7-digit student number proceeded by 2 zeros to make a 9-digit number. For example, if your student number is 7654321, enter 007654321. New students can find this number at the top of the certificate of acceptance.

Contact Information

Input your current address and phone number. Whenever this information changes, please update it on this site as well as on your Aurora Student account to ensure that the University of Manitoba can contact you if necessary.

Eligibility Information: Program

Select the program you will be registering in as of the upcoming Fall academic term. This will be considered your 
current program according to awards criteria. Your previous faculty/program is the one you were in during the previous academic year. If you were in high school the previous year, the program will be Undeclared and you will be eligible for entrance awards.

Eligibility Information: GPAs

  • Sessional GPA is the average of all courses applicable to your program taken during the Fall and Winter terms immediately prior to the upcoming Fall academic term. This can be calcuated by finding the appropriate terms on your Aurora Student web transcript and doing the following calculation: (Fall term Quality Points + Winter term Quality Points) / (Fall term GPA Hours + Winter term GPA Hours)

  • Degree GPA is the average of all courses applicable to your current program; this can be found at the top of your Aurora Student web transcript in the degrees section. More information about GPAs and other notations on your transcript can be found here.

Eligibility Information: Year, Credit Hours, and Course Load

  • Year is determined by how many credit hours you have completed by the end of the Winter term (not including Summer courses). Credit hours can be found at the top of your Aurora Student web transcript in the degrees section under Passed Hours (enter this value for Earned Credit Hours as well). The following credit hour table can be used to determine the year value to enter:

              Year in Program 1 2 3 4
              Credit Hours Passed     0-29.9   30-70.9   71-111.9    112-n   

  • Course Load is the number of credit hours that apply to your Engineering degree taken during the Fall and Winter terms immediately prior to the upcoming Fall academic term divided by 30 and entered as a decimal value. For example, if you were registered in and completed 15 credit hours, you were a part time student (15/30 = .5).

What to do if you receive an award:

Financial Aid & Awards will notify you of your success and will request that you accept or deny the award before it will be loaded onto your account. Once you have done this, it is recommended that you send a note of thanks to the donor; 
Financial Aid & Awards can provide contact information, as required.

Where can I get help?

If you have questions regarding any part of the award process, please contact the Awards Coordinator. You must use your U of M student email account (cc or myumanitoba) to send the email; emails from non-U of M accounts will not receive a reply.




Last updated: September 18, 2017




For more information regarding undergraduate awards, please contact:

Kristy McGregor
Awards & Data Coordinator
Phone: (204) 474-7506
Email | E1-284 EITC