Summer Orientation

All new ENGAP students must attend an Orientation of two (2) weeks in August before the start of the Fall Term in September. During this time, the staff and students will have an opportunity to get to know each other. This Orientation is designed to help students obtain the necessary information and skills to facilitate their entry into the university. During orientation the academic staff will assess students' needs and plan appropriate individual academic programs. Orientation is also a time for students to develop a sense of the rigors of an engineering program and to make final decisions regarding their program of studies and entry into engineering.

Orientation Objectives:

Develop and improve learning skills
Develop a relationship with and among students
Build self-confidence as adult learners
Develop a clear understanding of ENGAP and university policies
Adjust to the role as student
Adjust to the city, securing accommodations, day care, and schools for children if applicable
Develop reading, writing, mathematical, computer and study skills
Learn study skills, such as time management, note taking, textbook reading, library and researching skills
Gain experience in independent learning and group activities

Orientation Activities:

Attend lectures in mathematics, computers, and writing and study skills
Familiarize students with campus services
Ensure student' registration is complete
Tour the University Campus
Tour the ENGAP offices and Engineering building

Orientation Policy:

Regular and punctual attendance
Complete all assignments and laboratories on time
Write all examinations during the scheduled time
Maintain a minimum of 70% average in each course offered by ENGAP during the Orientation

Full time attendance during the two weeks of the Orientation is mandatory. A student must satisfactorily attend and complete the two week ENGAP Orientation. If it is felt that the student has not satisfactorily completed the two week Orientation, that student may be prevented from entering ENGAP or may be put on probation for one university term. After completion of that probationary term the student will be assessed as to their suitability and readiness for the Engineering Access Program.