Booking Procedures and Priorities

PRIORITY 1:    Applies to classroom bookings

Booking of scheduled classes is top priority and completed in cooperation with the Registrar's Office based on the schedule provided by the Engineering departments. The process of booking scheduled classes is called optimization. Optimization is run before the start of classes for each academic term.

All other requests for classroom space, (i.e) graduate courses, casual bookings, will be considered upon completion of the optimization process.

Please NOTE

  • Audio visual bookings are the responsibility of the departments and must be booked through Classroom Services. Even if a class is scheduled in an A/V equipped room, Classroom Services will need to be notified as equipment may need to be activated/unlocked.
  • No casual bookings will be done until regular classes have been allotted classroom space.

PRIORITY 2:    Applies to Engineering and Computer Science only

Casual bookings will be done electronically using the Astra/Exchange calendars and email. Engineering and Computer Science staff members are required to check the ASTRA Calanders Schedule first, to find space available on the date/time required, and then make their room booking request to the Room Booking Coordinator by e-mail to Casual bookings will be handled on a first-come (e-mail) first-served basis. 

Please NOTE

  • Students are not allowed to book rooms directly and must go through their advisor or department office staff. An exception to this would be bookings related to engineering student group events which must be booked by a member of the executive (eg. President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) of that student group.

PRIORITY 3:    Applies to U of M staff and student groups

Bookings will be accepted from other departments outside of Engineering as per the following:

  • Bookings under Priority 3 will not be considered more than 2 weeks in advance of the event.


    1.    All bookings are accepted by e-mail request only.

    2.    Allow up to 48 hours response time for room booking requests to be processed.

    3.    All other requests that do not fall under Priority 1, 2 or 3, such as, external persons or groups, must book through Special Functions - Rooms/Event Bookings

    4.    Booked space must be used for the purpose indicated on the orginal booking request. Students, staff, student groups, etc. that are found using space(s) for anything other than its original intent, will be banned from future bookings in EITC buildings.


Updated: November 23, 2017