Student resources hub

Welcome to the BEd student resources hub.
These pages provide links and resources to facilitate students’ academic success and personal well-being.
Resources are grouped into two areas:
1) Academic supports

a) On-campus supports and resources
b) Online resources

2) Student well-being

a) On-campus supports and resources
b) Online and print resources

This resources hub was compiled by PhD student Safa Lateef, and Dr. Clea Schmidt, professor, Faculty of Education. Thank you very much to colleagues Dr. Thomas Falkenberg and Dr. Wayne Serebrin for contributing the resources on student health and well-being. Thank you also to Dr. Francine Morin and Tara Baxter for their help editing and formatting resources.
The links to online yoga and meditation resources were compiled in large part from the University of Virginia website of Dorothe Bach.
Portions of the information about academic supports and campus services related to student health and well-being were adapted from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Education Undergraduate Student Policies and Resources Guide.
The development of the resources hub was informed by findings of the BEd Implementation Initiative.
Feedback and suggestions about the resources hub may be sent to Dr. Clea Schmidt.
Financial support was provided by the Faculty of Education Endowment Fund.