Clinical Program
Welcome to the University of Manitoba’s Clinical Psychology program web-page!

Students applying for admission to the clinical program should be aware that their research advisor can be from the clinical area or from any area of our department outside of clinical. In some cases students may also be admitted into the clinical program by adjunct faculty members who have appointments outside of our department.

The Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Manitoba has a distinguished history of doctoral training in clinical psychology beginning in 1968. The program is CPA accredited and offers an integrated and sequenced training experience that begins in the MA degree (2 years) and proceeds through the Ph.D (4 years).

Potential applicants to the program and anyone who wishes a concise overview of the program’s goals, curriculum, faculty, and opportunities should read the program description in the Department of Psychology’s Graduate Brochure, which can be found here. More detailed information about the clinical program’s various requirements, resources, policies, and procedures can read the Clinical Program Handbook, which can be found below. The clinical program is closely affiliated with our in-house Psychological Service Centre, information about which can be found here. Statistics concerning program admissions, time to completion, internship match rates, attrition, and licensure of our students and graduates can be found in the Graduate Brochure and separately here.

Questions? Please contact the Psychology graduate office or Director of Clinical Training.

The following are links to clinical program-related forms: