Christopher Frank

Associate Professor

Office: 456 Fletcher Argue Building
Phone: (204) 474-9715


Ph.D., York University
M.A., York University
B.A. (Hons.), Portland State University


Nineteenth century British labour/legal history


“The Sheriff’s Court or Company Store:  Truck, The Arrestment of Wages and Working Class Consumption in Scotland, 1830-1870.” Labour History Review 79:2 (Summer 2014): 139-164.
Master and Servant Law:  Chartists, Trade Unions, Radical Lawyers and the Magistracy in England, 1840-1865 (Ashgate, 2010)
"Truck or Trade?  Anti-Truck Associations and the Campaign Against the Payment of Wages in Goods in Mid-Nineteenth Century Britain." Historical Studies in Industrial Relations Vol. 27/28 (Spring/Autumn 2009), pp.1-40.
Contributions to The Encyclopedia of the Age of the Industrial Revolution (2 Vols), Ed: Christine Rider (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007) and The Encyclopedia of Abolitionism (2 Vols), Eds: Peter Hinks and John McKivigan (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007).
"'Let but one of them come before me, and I'll commit him": Trade Unions, Magistrates, and the Law in Mid-Nineteenth Century Staffordshire", Journal of British Studies 44:1 (January, 2005).
"The Defeat of the 1844 Master and Servants Bill", in Douglas Hay and Paul Craven, eds. Masters, Servants, and Magistrates in Britain and Empire, 1562-1955, Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2004.
"'He might almost as well be without trial': Trade Unions and the 1823 Master and Servant Act--the Warrington Cases, 1846-1847", Historical Studies in Industrial Relations 14 (Autumn 2002): 3-45.



HIST 1200 Introduction to Western Civilization
HIST 4050/7740 England in the Long 18th Century

HIST 1200 Introduction to Western Civilization
HIST 2210 History of Britain, 1485-Present
HIST 2360 Europe, 1870-Present

HIST 1200 Introduction to Western Civilization
HIST 2220 The Shaping of Modern Ireland, 1500-Present

HIST 1360 Introduction to Western Civilization from 1500
HIST 2360 Europe, 1870-Present
HIST 3110 Topics: Twentieth Century Britain

HIST 1200 Introduction to Western Civilization
HIST 4110 Topics in British History-Popular Protest in Britain during the Age of Revolution, 1780-1867
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