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Dr. Tom Nesmith is a Professor in the Department of History, University of Manitoba. Prior to accepting this appointment in 1990 he had been an archivist at the National Archives of Canada since 1978. He worked there in both the private manuscript and government records areas of the archives. He was editor of Archivaria, the journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists from 1984 to 1986. Among many editing and publication activities, he is both editor of and a contributing author to Canadian Archival Studies and the Rediscovery of Provenance (1993), a joint publication of the Association of Canadian Archivists and the Society of American Archivists. He holds a Ph.D in Canadian history from Carleton University.


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Dr. Tom Nesmith
Master's Program in Archival Studies
Department of History
Joint Master's Program in History
University of Manitoba/University of Winnipeg
321 St. Paul's College
Phone: (204) 474-8559 ; Fax: (204) 474-7590


Dr. Greg Bak


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Dr. Greg Bak
Assistant Professor
Master's Program in Archival Studies
Department of History
University of Manitoba
Joint Master's Program in History University
of Manitoba/University of Winnipeg
247 St. John's College
Phone: (204) 272-1578



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