Mission and Tenets
(Approved Department Council April 18, 2017)

The Department of Architecture upholds an architectural education that encourages the intellectual, artistic, technical and professional development of students through exceptional teaching, scholarship and community service in architecture and emerging areas of design education and professional practice. The Department of Architecture supports and builds upon the Faculty of Architecture’s Vision, Mission and Tenets and the University of Manitoba’s Mission, Vision and Values.

  1. To foster excellence from instructors and students in an open and equitable teaching and learning environment.
  2. To support diverse positions and interests within the Department and with allied disciplines.
  3. To foster a learning environment in which faculty research contributes to student education and to a culture of research excellence within the department.
  4. To cultivate an aptitude for critical thinking and making in the design studio and related disciplinary studies.
  5. To provide students opportunities to determine their course of studies and participate in defining the ambitions of the program and the profession.
  6. To empower students to take creative and intellectual risks that lead to discovery, self-actualization, and professional growth.
  7. To contribute to interdisciplinary teaching and research within the university and with allied institutions locally and globally.
  8. To support a culture of open discourse through collective reviews, public lectures, exhibitions and the dissemination of knowledge both locally and globally.
  9. To advance professional perspectives and expertise in the program by engaging local and international practitioners, community groups and industry partners.
  10. To advance societal and environmental well-being by preparing our students to take leadership roles in practice and the community.
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