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NEW DEGREE CURRICULUM effective Fall 2020

The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences is renewing its undergraduate degree curriculum effective Fall 2020. Students admitted prior to Fall 2020 are encouraged to follow the new curriculum, if feasible.

New Curriculum Frequently Asked Questions

For students who elect to complete the previous degree requirements or have completed old courses, the following substitutions can be made (cross-map) to account for deleted courses:

  AGRI 1500 with AGRI 1600
  AGRI 1510 with HNSC 1200 or HNSC 1210
  PLNT 4600 with AGRI 4100
  ANSC 4560 with AGRI 4100
  FOOD 4120 with FOOD 4100
  HNSC 4160 with HNSC 4100
  ANSC 4540 with ANSC 4640
  PLNT 3510 with PLNT 4510
  one of: BIOE 2090, BIOE 2222, BIOE 4500, or BIOE 4520 with BIOE 3100
  AGEC 3510 with one of ENTM 3170 or PLNT 3540
  AGEC 4550 (6 credit hours) with two of PLNT 3560, PLNT/ANSC 4410, PLNT 4510, or SOIL 4400

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