Graduate Program


Graduate Studies Program Overview for Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics
The Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics offers graduate instruction leading to the M.Sc. degree.

The purpose of graduate training in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics is to develop competence in solving real world problems relating to food production, policy, risk management, marketing, finance, international trade, resources, international development, agribusiness management, and the environment.

Students undertaking graduate studies in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics may specialize in one of the above areas of research.

Note that the Ph.D. program is offered in the Economics Department, with applicants selecting an Agricultural Economics research field.

Details of Application
Applications should be made online at:

Applications cannot be considered unless they are supported by the documents listed below, which can be uploaded on the website above. If you encounter difficulty with the online application systems, you may download a paper application from the website and submit it, along with the supporting documents, to:

Graduate Studies Admissions Assistants 
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Room 500 University Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 
R3T 2N2

Deadlines for Submission of Applications
Please note that complete applications from international students for the M.Sc. program must be submitted earlier than domestic students.

Please see the Application Deadlines at:

Ph.D. applicants please follow Department of Economics regulations.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all the documents (official transcripts, translations, test scores, letters of reference, etc.) required for admission are received by the Faculty of Graduate Studies in advance of the deadlines noted above.

Funding for Graduate Students
Many graduate students in the department get funding from University, Faculty and Department Fellowships and by working on funded projects or as teaching assistants.

Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science Awards:

Faculty of Graduate Studies Awards:

Details of Department awards are at:

All Departmental Graduate Fellowship can be applied using the form at this link: Department of Agribusiness Graduate Fellowships Form

M.Sc. Program Admission Requirements (Also check:, And the Graduate Calendar:

For admission to the graduate program in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics, the applicant must possess the equivalent of the B.Sc. degree in Agribusiness or an Honours degree in Economics from The University of Manitoba, or any other degree which provides an equally strong basis for a graduate program in the Department. If the applicant has deficiencies of more than 12 credit hours, a requirement may be to successfully complete a pre-Master's program before being admitted to the graduate program.

Acceptance of students intending to pursue graduate studies is based upon a careful appraisal of their academic records and the recommendations of references. 

Documents Required for M.Sc. Application

Application form

Application Fee

Copy of birth certificate, or passport

All applicants must arrange for official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended to be sent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Manitoba. Applicants must ensure that the original transcripts bearing the university seal or attested copies are sent directly from their issuing university to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. In cases where the transcript does/will not clearly state that a degree has been conferred, an official degree certificate is required to accompany the transcript. It is important that the transcript(s) be sent so as to arrive as soon as possible to coincide with the arrival of the application.

International applicants: Where academic records from a country other than Canada are produced in a language other than English, the applicant must arrange for the submission of official literal translations of all records. To be official, original language documents and the English translations must arrive together in an envelope that has been sealed and endorsed by the issuing institution. Please arrange to have the transcript/s sent to the above address. Please allow at least two weeks for delivery. 

University of Manitoba students may request student histories (unofficial academic records) from the Registrar’s Office to be mailed directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies free of charge.

All students graduating from a university outside of North America are strongly advised to take a Graduate Record Examination.

English Language Proficiency. A successfully completed English Language Proficiency Test is required of all applicants unless they have received a high school diploma or university degree from Canada or one of the countries listed on the English Language Proficiency Test Exemption List (

If applicable, this score is required as a basis of admission and applicants will NOT be accepted subject to receipt of an acceptable score.

Documented proof of either the above must be submitted with the application for admission and scores more than two years old are not acceptable.

M.Sc. Program Prerequisites
The following courses, or their equivalents, are basic prerequisites to the graduate program and indicate the scope and level of training required for admission:

1) A course in introductory calculus and linear algebra e.g. MATH 1310 Matrices for Management and Social Sciences (or any equivalent course in linear algebra, e.g. MATH 1300), and MATH 1520 Introductory Calculus for Management and Social Sciences (or any equivalent course in calculus, e.g. MATH 1500); (Or the former MATH 1680 Mathematics for Agriculture and Related Sciences)

2) Microeconomic Analysis 1 (ECON 2450 regular or ECON 2700 Honours)

3) Macroeconomic Analysis 1 (ECON 2470 regular or ECON 2800 Honours)

4) Introduction to Econometrics (e.g. ABIZ 3080)

The following courses are not a requirement, but may be recommended: Microeconomic Analysis 2 (ECON 2460 regular or ECON 3700 Honours); Macroeconomic Analysis 2 (ECON 2480 regular or ECON 3800 Honours); Intermediate Econometrics (e.g. ABIZ 4120)

Master's Program Timeline

The Master's program normally requires between 1½ years to 2 years beyond the basic prerequisites for admission. In some cases, pre-Master's coursework is required where course prerequisites are lacking.

Coursework for the degree includes study in the ancillary areas of economics and related disciplines.

For more detailed information on the Department M.Sc. program please access the current University of Manitoba Graduate Calendar available on the University website.

ECON 6040 Survey of Mathematical Topics for Economics is highly recommended, and is normally taken in late summer/early fall at the beginning of the Graduate program.


Doctoral Program

A Ph.D. is offered in Economics, with a Research Specialization in Agricultural Economics

Entrance Requirements Ph.D.

Normally, applicants for admission to the Ph.D. program must have completed the entrance requirements and the program requirements of a Master’s degree in Economics or Agricultural Economics equivalent to that awarded by the University of Manitoba.

All applicants to the Ph.D. program in Economics indicating a desire to study Agricultural Economics will be evaluated by the Department of Economics, then further evaluated by a selection committee composed of 3 members from the Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics. In order for the application to be approved by this selection committee, at least one member of the Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics must indicate a willingness to serve as the student’s advisor.

For further Ph.D. program information:


International Students

For information about the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the cost of living and going to school in Winnipeg, and programs offered, international students are encouraged to visit the following website:

The University of Manitoba International Centre for Students offers many services and programs to assist international students before and after their arrival in order that their experience is enjoyable, safe and successful.  Please access the ICS website for complete information: