Pre-Masters | M.A. | Ph.D.

Application Fee: $100 CDN (non-refundable)

All applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

An acceptable English Language Proficiency test score is required, if applicable.

For initial assessment purposes only, copies of unofficial transcripts (uploaded to your application) are acceptable and preferred. Transcripts are required from each institution for the entire academic history, whether or not degree has been awarded, including institutions attended on an exchange. If the English copy is a translation, please include the original language as well.

Degree Certificates – All international transcripts must be accompanied by degree certificates that indicate that the degree has been awarded.

Economics has two streams in the graduate program: Economics and Econometrics, which places greater emphasis on theory (micro and macro), mathematics and statistical methods, and Economics and Society, which places greater emphasis on how the distribution of wealth and power affects the socioeconomic and physical environment. The graduate program in the Economics and Econometrics stream requires students to take more core courses in theory, mathematics and statistics, while the Economics and Society stream is more individually tailored to the student’s research. Applicants to the graduate program in Economics apply to one stream, and are not considered for admission to the other stream. Applicants who wish to specialize in Agricultural Economics must apply to the Economics and Econometrics stream. All other applicants are advised to carefully check admission and program requirements to decide which stream provides the best fit. For more information on each stream please visit the Graduate Calendar.

Master of Arts

The M.A. program is completed via a non-thesis or thesis route.

Expected Duration

  • 1 year

Program Fees (Full Time)

Application Requirements

  • Four-year Bachelor's degree (or equivalent)
  • Statement of Intent
  • Letters of Recommendation: 3

Economics and Econometrics Stream:

  • Minimum degree GPA of 3.1 from an undergraduate degree that includes 54 credit hours of completed economics courses (or, if the applicant has a double Honours degree, 42 credit hours), which shall include:
    • Coursework in Mathematical Economics equivalent to the University of Manitoba course ECON 3030, and coursework in Econometrics courses equivalent to ECON 3040 and ECON 4040;
  • A grade of B+ or better is normally required in each upper level undergraduate economic theory course completed; and
  • Six credit hours of mathematics equivalent to the University of Manitoba courses such as: MATH 1500 (calculus) and MATH 1310 (linear algebra).

Economics and Society Stream:

  • A minimum degree GPA of 3.1 from a four-year undergraduate program; and
  • Completed a minimum of 42 total credit hours in Economics courses.


Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. option consists of coursework and a substantial research component.

Expected Duration

  • 4 years

Program Fees (Full Time)

Application Requirements

  • A candidate must normally complete an M.A. degree before entering the Ph.D. program, except as follows:
    • applicants for admission to the Ph.D. program must have completed the entrance requirements and the program requirements of an M.A. degree in Economics or in Agricultural Economics equivalent to that awarded by the University of Manitoba. A thesis-based Master’s is not required.
    • In exceptional cases, applications to either stream may be considered from students who have completed an Honours degree in Economics equivalent to that awarded by the University of Manitoba. In such cases, the applicant will be required to fulfill, in addition to the requirements below, all coursework requirements for the non-thesis M.A. degree.
  • Statement of Intent
  • Publication/Writing Sample
  • CV/Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation: 3

Economics and Econometrics Stream includes students who wish to specialize in Agricultural Economics



Students with undergraduate course deficiencies may be admitted to the Pre-Master's program to complete the background requirements.

Expected Duration

  • 1 year

Program Fees

Application Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree. Contact the Department for further information.

Department-Specific Documents

  • Letters of Recommendation: 3

Application Deadlines

Canadian / US / International Applicants
Term Start Date Deadline*
Fall September January 15

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*Students should complete and submit their online application with supporting documentation (if applicable) by the date indicated.

Academic Calendar, Economics, M.A.

Academic Calendar, Economics, Ph.D.

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