Sustainability Groups on Campus & Beyond
There are a wide range of groups at the University of Manitoba and beyond that are working on social, environmental or economic sustainability issues or on sustainable development. Many have volunteer or membership opportunities. Below is a list of examples. If you would like to have your group listed here please contact us.

Sustainability Groups at the University of Manitoba 

UMSU Rainbow Pride Mosaic
Rainbow Pride Mosaic (RPM) provides a safe space and to improve the quality of student-life for the UofM LGBQT community. The organization promotes this through programming, education and awareness campaigns, and increasing their community’s presence.

UMSU Womyn’s Centre
The Womyn's Centre provides a feminist voice and safe space for women on campus. As a feminist organization, it operates as a collective with a consensus-based decision-making process. It is queer-positive and pro-choice. The members strive to create a place where women are heard recognized. The organization facilitates the gathering of information to help women make informed decisions.

UMSU Garden
The Student Community Garden is a student led initiative aimed to cater to students' needs. We also aim to generate interest and excitement towards gardening or even just being outdoors; learn and practice sustainable agriculture practices; fuse the old and new in terms of agriculture and seed varieties.

Students For Sustainability – University of Manitoba Chapter 
Students for Sustainability works closely with the Alternative Village in helping bring sustainable building design and construction to villages in developing countries. The organization gives students a global perspective and ways to address construction issues through research. Through their work they create opportunities for applying sustainable practices in the construction and design industry.

University of Manitoba Association of Aborignal Students (UMASA)
The University of Manitoba Aboriginal Student Association (UMASA) is a student-led organization that focuses on supporting students and helping mend Aboriginal issues. They plan and organize recreational, political, and cultural events throughout the year. Both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal student are welcome to join the organization and or its activities.

Engineers Without Borders – University of Manitoba Chapter
Engineers Without Borders University of Manitoba Chapter is an organization that promotes environmental and social sustainability at the University of Manitoba and other developing countries. They are composed of students with different majors (not just Engineering). Some of their recent projects include promoting fair trade on campus and developmental planning in Africa.

Architects Without Borders - UofM Chapter
Architects Without Borders Canada (AWB) is a volunteer organization committed to assisting communities affected by poverty, disaster or pandemic. One of our primary objectives is to promote the humanitarian aspects of design while engaging in meaningful partnerships with affected communities.

Go-Reps Program
Go-Reps is a sustainability outreach program managed by the Office of Sustainability. The eco-rep program supports sustainability ‘champions’ at the departments, faculty or facility level, providing information and program support. Contact us for more information.

Sustainability Groups Working in Our Community

Waste Wise

University of Winnipeg - Sustainability Office

Red River College - Sustainability Office

International Institute for Sustainable Development

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)

Manitoba EcoNetwork (links to more than 50 member groups)

Green Action Centre 

Canadian Community Economic Development Network

Social Purchasing Portal

Peg Community Well-being Indicator System

Climate Change Connection

Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST)

Sierra Youth Coalition

United Nations Environment Programme

United Nations Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform