Sustainability Committee
The University of Manitoba Sustainability Committee is established by the University's Sustainability Procedure and is advisory to both the Vice-President (Administration) and the Vice-President (Academic).

1. The Committee's responsibilities are to:

a) Develop a University of Manitoba Sustainability Action Plan identifying recommended sustainability goals, initiatives, actions and target dates to support the Sustainability Policy.

b) Assist the Sustainability Coordinator to educate the University community and to communicate and promote implementation of the Sustainability policy action plan.

2. The Committee Chair:

The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Vice-President (Academic) and Vice-President (Administration) for a three year renewable term from among the members of the Committee.

3. The Committee will have the following representation:

a) The University's Sustainability Director
b) Two representatives from the University of Manitoba Students Unions (UMSU)
c) One representative from Graduate Students Association (GSA)
d) 4 faculty members appointed by the Vice-President (Academic)
e) 4 administrative members appointed by the Vice-President (Administration)
f) 1 representative from University of Manitoba Recycling and Environmental Group (UMREG)
g) In addition to such members as the Vice-Presidents appoint from time to time.

With the exception of student representatives which will be appointed or renewed each year, and with the exception of persons holding specific positions, the appointed members will serve three year renewable terms. Meetings shall be held once a month or at the call of the chair.

4. Current Members:

Student Representation: 
Thomas Blumer - UMSU 
Wilferd Sam-King - UMSU
Albert Boakye - GSA
Mohammed Fazle Rabbi - HSGSA

Kristina Hunter - Environment, Earth, and Resources (Interim Chair)
David VanVliet - Architecture - City Planing
Gary Babiuk - Education

Administrative members: 
Ophelia Morris - Physical Plant 
Jonathan Hildebrand - Campus Planning Office
Monique Whitehill - Purchasing Department
Susan Taylor - International Office