Elder Florence Paynter [MEd/91]

Florence Paynter

What is your connection to Migizii Agamik?
I had a wonderful working experience with Migizii Agamik mentoring student and staff as an Elder for a few years. There is a picture of Elders that were there before the inside of the building was constructed.

Share a memory you have of the building.
My best memory is how the staff worked together to make Migizii Agamik a welcoming place. A place where students can receive help in whatever area they may require in order to be successful, while grounding themselves in the cultural values of their own people.

What do you want current and future students to know about Migizii Agamik?
What students should know about Migizii Agamik is that they should never give up on their hopes and dreams. There are people that are in place to root for every student that wants to further their education. Migizii Agamik is a good place to feel that you belong, and feel safe just to be who you want to be - a proud Indigenous student learning about who they are and being comfortable with everyone.

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