Carl Stone [BA/00]

Carl Stone

Cultural advisor and student advisor

What does Migizii Agamik mean to you?
It was unbelievable at first. I said, "really? We're getting a building?" The emotion was that we needed to get it right, and I remember some Elders saying this. I knew the opening of this building was going to be a significant event for this university and significant for Indigenous people coming to this university because there was nowhere else on campus, other than the Aboriginal Student Centre, where we tried to create space for Aboriginal students.

What do you want current and future students to know about Migizii Agamik?
There's a sense of ownership and responsibility, and I talk about that every chance I get with the new students that are coming here. This is your place and we need to care for it in all aspects, from the spiritual sense, such as smudging, to the physical sense, such as being welcome.

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