University of Manitoba - University Governance - Edwin Anderson, LL.D., February 10, 2004
Edwin Anderson, LL.D., February 10, 2004

Edwin Orlando Anderson
B.B.A. (Minnesota.), M.A. (Manitoba)

A university shows its strength through its ability to create a community where learning and knowledge are fostered, strengthened and shared with the greater community. Throughout his career, and now in his retirement, Ed Anderson has been a part of this strength for the University of Manitoba. From his beginnings as a research assistant, graduate student and lecturer, Ed Anderson sought out ways to make teaching, learning and research innovative at the University of Manitoba. With his appointment as Assistant, then Associate Professor in the Continuing Education Division, Ed worked in the development of many of the programs that the CED has been long renowned for. These include the Community Counselling Certificate, the Stony Mountain University Program, and the Correspondence and General Studies Programs, all of which have made university education possible for people who before would not otherwise have had the same opportunity. Ed Anderson has contributed significantly to program development in the Continuing Education Division and throughout the whole University.

Ed Anderson recognizes the importance of service in a University and is a leader in showing exemplary service to the University of Manitoba. In addition to his academic and curricular accomplishments, Ed has served on numerous faculty, Senate, Board of Governors and university committees, indeed far too many to name. He served as Vice-President, and then President of the University of Manitoba Faculty Association. Ed represented UMFA on Senate, the Board of Governors and the Board of the Canadian Association of University Teachers, including a term as its President from 1985-86. Throughout the University of Manitoba community and beyond, Ed Anderson is known and respected as a committed, active member of the community.

It was Ed Anderson's twelve-year tenure as Secretary of Senate, however, that provided the University and the greater community the opportunity to benefit from his expertise in governance and his ability to provide sage advice and guidance to the many constituent groups of the University. Having benefited from Ed's advice and knowledge from my time as a student Senator to now as Acting Secretary of Senate, I can say that Ed is always ready to listen, advise and provide a sense of institutional memory, all with a sense of warmth, energy and wit that has served us all exceptionally well. In fact, Ed was so admired by the students of the University that upon his retirement in 1998, UMSU established the Ed Anderson Award, which is awarded annually to a student who is involved in student governance in an exceptional way.

Ed Anderson continues to serve the University even in retirement. As a Senior Scholar attached both to the President's Office and the Continuing Education Division, Ed provides many hours of volunteer service on committees, as an advisor to the University Secretary and others on a wide host of issues. In addition, he is always open to provide that sage advice to students, faculty and administrators. Ed Anderson is a friend to the University of Manitoba; that friendship is evident in the hundreds of people within the community who know him and love him.

In the greater community, Ed Anderson's promotion and support of cultural organizations is widely known. He served on the Board of Governors of the Manitoba Museum, including a term as Chairman. For his contributions, the Museum awarded him a Honorary Life Membership in 1984. He currently serves as Vice-President for Works of Art of the Board of Governors of the Winnipeg Art Gallery and on the Board of Directors of Prairie Public Television, Inc.

Ed Anderson is a teacher, a facilitator, an organizer and a leader. More than all of these, he is a friend to the people who he has touched throughout a lifetime of contributions to the University of Manitoba. like me and so many others, the University of Manitoba is fortunate to have such a friend. Madame Vice-Chancellor, it is my honour to recommend, in the name of the Senate of the University of Manitoba, that you confer upon my mentor and dear friend Edwin Anderson, the degree Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.