Yude Henteleff, LL.D., May 31, 2006

Yude Henteleff
CM.; Q.C.; B.S.A., LL.B.(Man.)

Yude Henteleff graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 1947 and then in 1951 a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Manitoba. Learning is one of his passions and he has never stopped learning. As a legal practitioner with a diverse practice, he had to constantly meet new individuals, understand the issues that they faced, and solve their problems in the context of a rapidly evolving legal system and increasing globalization. His curiosity, intellectual flexibility and advocacy enabled him to become a master, indeed a teacher, of diverse areas of the law.

Given his own talents and success, it is a special mark of Yude's character and empathy that he has served as one of Canada's greatest advocates for children with special needs. He has been an outstanding advocate of human rights for over four decades, but he is especially renowned for his work on behalf of children who face challenges that include learning disabilities. Yude has spoken of the need for reform and innovation to assure that such children receive the services they need and, indeed, are entitled to in Canada and throughout the world.

He has been involved as a volunteer in human rights projects in many parts of the world, including Colombia, Bolivia, Thailand, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan and, most recently, Israel. Only last year, as an invited speaker, he brought his experience, ideas and passion to the cause of special needs children to the Education Committee of the Israeli Parliament - the Knesset. He has been involved in many local and national community activities. He is one of the founders of the Manitoba Children's Museum and The Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg, the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, and the Learning Disabilities Associations of Manitoba and Canada.

In 1997, the Colombian Corporation for Learning Disabilities named the resource centre that it had established in Bogota, Colombia as the Yude M. Henteleff, Q.C. Research Centre for Learning Disabilities in recognition of his contributions to its establishment. Also in 1997, he was installed as a Member of the Order of Canada. In 1999, he was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada. In 2002, he was awarded the Commemorative Medal for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Ii's Golden Jubilee.

Yude has received honours and accolades for his skill as a lawyer and his contribution to his profession including the designation of Queen's Counsel and in 2002 the Distinguished Service Award by the Manitoba Bar Association. It is especially fitting that he now receive the LL.D. degree, the honourary doctorate of law. Yude has brought honour to himself, to his profession and to the community at large by donating so much of his time, energy and talents in securing human rights for the deprived people of the world. He has been and continues to be a determined and effective advocate in that cause.

-citation delivered by Dr. Bryan Schwartz, Professor, Faculty of Law

Yude Henteleff