Harry Walsh, LL.D., October 23, 2003
Harry Walsh, Q.C.

Harry Walsh,Q.C., graduated from the University of Manitoba with degrees in Arts (1932) and Law (1937) and over his long career he has earned a national reputation in criminal law. From his Winnipeg base he has defended people from all walks of life in all parts of Canada, including the Supreme Court, and in so-doing served as counsel in many leading criminal cases.

Throughout his career, Mr. Walsh been committed to the ideal that all people are entitled to effective legal representation, regardless of their ability to pay. Accordingly, he and his associates represented defendants who could not afford their fees. Further, he worked to persuade the provincial government to introduce a legal assistance program and in 1972 he played a key role in developing Legal Aid Services in Manitoba. Three years later he was co-chair of the committee that persuaded the Canadian Bar Association to call for the abolition of capital punishment. In 1976 the House of Commons passed legislation abolishing capital punishment in Canada, one of the most important pieces of Canadian legislation of the past century.

Mr. Walsh is a Life Bencher of the Law Society of Manitoba and life member of the Canadian Bar Association. He is a past-president and honorary president of the YMHA Community Centre and a life governor at the Ben-Gurion University in Israel where the chair in Law and Morality was recently named in his honour. His career contributions, his efforts in pursuit of justice, and his community commitment have earned him many honors in Canada and abroad.