University of Manitoba - University Governance - Arden R. Haynes, LL.D., May 17, 1990
Arden R. Haynes, LL.D., May 17, 1990
Arden R. Haynes
O.C., B.Comm.

I have the honour to present Mr. Arden R. Haynes, Officer of the Order of Canada, a graduate of this University and a distinguished leader of the Canadian business community.

As President and as Chief Executive Officer of Imperial Oil, Arden Haynes has been, for nearly ten years, a dynamic, innovative and outspoken leader of Canadian business and one whose interests and concerns have ranged widely into areas of public policy and community responsibility.

One of six children of Philip and Mattie Haynes, Arden Haynes was born in 1927 in rural Saskatchewan where he received his, early education. Beginning a pre-medicine program in Regina in 1947, he enrolled in Commerce at this University the following year; and although a future Nobel Laureate in Medicine was perhaps forfeited thereby, Arden Haynes, upon his graduation in 1951 began a remarkably successful career in business. It was here as well that he met Beverly Henderson whom he married in 1952.

After being wooed by another oil company, Arden Haynes sought out Imperial Oil. For more than 20 years having served the company in almost every province and abroad, Arden Haynes, in 1972, became Vice-President and General Manager of Marketing. In 1978 he was chosen to lead in the creation of Esso Resources Canada, a Calgary-based exploration and production company; and in 1982 returned to Toronto as President and in 1985 became Chief Executive Officer.

These years have been tumultuous ones for the oil industry and Arden Haynes has proved an extraordinary leader for these times. It has been said of him that "he reflects the values and traditions of the company and (pursues)... them with an iron will" while possessed of the ability to "put Imperial Oil through a restructuring that would change not just the face of the company, but its very nature." To the challenges of corporate leadership in trying times, he has brought vision, compassion and integrity; indeed, in recent years, he has been distinguished as an articulate advocate of the need for high ethical standards in business, and of the need for business to embrace its social responsibilities.

Arden Haynes has most assuredly practised what he preached: Imperial under his leadership has donated generously to Canadian universities, both in gifts and sponsorships of special academic events. He, personally, co-chairs the Imagine campaign of the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy, has chaired the Diabetes Canada's fund-raising campaign, and served on the boards of the Trillium Foundation, the Canadian Opera Company and Junior Achievement of Canada. Arden Haynes has, moreover, served as national co-chair of this University's "Drive for Excellence" and has contributed greatly to its unprecedented levels of success. By his tireless efforts in making approaches on behalf of the University to potential benefactors outside of Manitoba, the success of the Drive was assured. It is reflective of Arden Haynes' broad view of both corporate and personal responsibility that he has given back something of himself not only to his home University, but to all those who, in the future, will be the beneficiaries of a better University.

Mr. Chancellor, it is my privilege to ask, in the name of the Senate of the University of Manitoba, that you now confer on Arden R. Haynes, the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.