Diana Thorneycroft: Slytod

October 19 - November 14, 1997

In conjunction with Utopia/Dystopia: Approaching the New Millennium, a photography festival organized by Floating Gallery (now Platform Centre for Photogrpahy and Digital Arts). The exhibition was originated by Gallery 111.

“The title ‘slytod’ refers to a tag game that my siblings and I used to play at night when we were children living on a military base in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany. Years later, I learned that tod means ‘death’ in German, and it is the notion of playing tag with death that permeates the installation. Components in the exhibition, which include large-scale photographs and sculptural constructions, allude to stillness, restriction, and oral violation; the plastic corpse that feels no pain, the body that is denied movement, the mask that refuses breath. The viewer, whose own restrictions will be felt by the limitations of his flashlight’s beam and at the level of his anxiety, willingly or not participates in the game of ‘slytod’ the moment he steps into the darkened space of the gallery.” Martha Langford in conversation with Diana Thorneycroft.

Catalogue published by University of Manitoba Press, with essays by Serena Keshavjee, Martha Langford and Chris Townsend.