School Council

School Council Committee
Adopted 08-SEP-1971
Amended by School Council 28-MAY-2010

Terms of Reference
Ex-officio members have voting rights unless otherwise indicated.
The Director or designate is an ex-officio member of every standing committee.


  1. Except under extraordinary circumstances, meetings of School Council will be held Friday at 9:15 a.m.
  2. Debate on any motion shall be limited to twenty-five minutes, and no member shall speak longer than five minutes, nor more than twice to a motion unless no other member wishes to have the floor.
  3. The minutes shall be the official record of a meeting and shall be kept as outlined in Appendix “A”.
  4. No meeting shall continue beyond two hours after the scheduled starting time contained in the notice of meeting, regardless of whether or not it is called to order at that time.
  5. School Council will meet a minimum of XXX times per year.

Elections to School of Art Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

  1. Prior to the April meeting of School Council, the nominating committee will circulate, to all faculty and staff, a list of offices to be filled and the terms of reference for each vacant position.
  2. Faculty and staff will be asked to indicate, in ranked order, the positions for which they are willing to serve, and to nominate others for positions.
  3. The nominating committee will confer with nominees to confirm that they are willing to be considered for committee appointments to which they were nominated.
  4. Faculty who do not volunteer or are not nominated will be appointed to committees, as is required to fulfill the service requirement of academic appointments.
  5. Prior to submitting its nominations of student members, the Nominating Committee shall consult with the School of Art Student Association Chair who shall oversee the process to nominate student representatives.
  6. At a subsequent meeting of School Council, but before the end of June, the slate will be ratified.
  7. If positions on standing committees become vacant during the year, the Nominations Committee will fill these vacancies according to the stated process.

Minutes of School Council
The minutes of School Council shall contain decisions made but not the debate. They shall be posted within eight days after the meeting and circulated with the agenda eight days before the next meeting. They shall not be read at a meeting.

They shall contain the following information only:

  1. Council’s name
  2. Date, time and place of meeting
  3. Names of members present, regrets, and who chaired the meeting
  4. Additions or corrections to the minutes of the previous meeting and whether approved or disapproved.
  5. Motions whether adopted or lost and the names of persons who made and seconded them.
  6. The number of votes on each side shall be recorded – for, against and abstained.
  7. Resolutions adopted.
  8. Points of order and appeals, sustained or lost.
  9. Reports of committees will be appended to the official minutes, but need to be circulated with the minutes only if not previously circulated). Unwritten committee reports may be summarized and included in the minutes.
  10. Appointments and elections
  11. Time of adjournment.

A request to have something read into the minutes that would not ordinarily appear may be granted by Council.

Minutes of Standing Committees

  1. At the conclusion of the business of Standing Committees, a report/minutes shall be produced and presented to the Director, and will contain the following information only
  2. Standing Committee Name
  3. Date, time and place of meeting
  4. Names of members present, regrets and who chaired the meeting
  5. The number of votes on each side
  6. Decisions made

2018 Meeting Minutes
January 26
February 9
March 23
May 4

2017 Meeting Minutes:
January 27
March 31
September 29
November 24