Student Art Curatorial Selection Committee


Student Art Curatorial Selection Committee
Adopted           29-SEP-2017


  1. Two (2) undergraduate students.
  2. Two (2) graduate students.
  3. One (1) faculty member from the School of Art.
  4. One (1) member of the School of Art Gallery staff (non-voting).
  5. Recording secretary (non-voting).

As it is often necessary to have the advice of non-members, the Chair may invite individuals (non-voting) to attend committee meetings for consultation.

Terms of Membership

1. Terms of office of all elected/appointed student members shall be one (1) year, commencing September 1 of the current academic session.
    1. 1. Undergraduate students will be chosen by SOFA.
  1. .2. One (1) graduate student will be from year one (1), and one (1) graduate student shall be from year two (2), each elected through a ballot process.
2. A faculty member, appointed each term by the Office of the Director. Gallery staff member, to be selected by consensus, for a term of two (2) years.

To be held by the Director, or designate.

The committee is advisory to the Office of the Director.  It requests submissions, deliberates and recommends selected proposals of student artwork for exhibition.

The committee exists to facilitate the selection of exhibitions for the Student Gallery located in the Music Addition building, and other student exhibition opportunities in the School of Art.

All committees shall conduct business in alignment with the mission, vision, values and strategic goals of the School of Art.

Duties include

  1. Establish criteria for submissions.
  2. Issue calls for exhibition proposals by individuals, group of students, or class projects.
  3. Review all proposals using established criteria.
  4. Consider submissions based on quality of proposal, access and diversity of approach.
  5. Recommend student exhibition proposals and a schedule of exhibitions, forwarded to the Office of the Director.
  6. An archive of the exhibitions shall be kept and made available, including a website that documents/publishes each exhibition.


  1. The chair (or designate) shall call and preside at all meetings of the committee.
  2. The committee shall normally meet two (2) to three (3) times per term.
  3. At least five (5) working days written notice of meetings shall be given to members.
  4. Decisions will be carried by a majority vote of members.
  5. The chair shall only vote to break a tie.
  6. The committee’s decisions will be recorded, and a cumulative record of all minutes shall be maintained in the Office of the Director.