Janice Dodd
Professor Emerita, Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Manitoba

B.Sc. (Biology), University of Toronto
M.Sc. (Molecular Biology), University of Toronto
Ph.D. (Molecular Biology), University of Toronto

Janice Dodd is a Professor in Women’s and Gender Studies in the Faculty of Arts.  In collaboration with the Canadian Association for Women in Science - Manitoba, she has studied the recruitment, persistence, and success of women in biomedical research in Canada.  In 2006 she received the Sarah Shorten Award from CAUT for promotion of the advancement of women in Canadian universities.  Current work in collaboration with Liz Millward includes analysis of the representation of women scientists in popular culture and science fiction.

Dr. Dodd also serves as Professor and Head of the Department of Physiology in the Faculty of Medicine since 2004. Her laboratory-based research focuses on endocrinology and hormone-dependent cancers, specifically the influence of hormones and diet on tumor progression with a view to developing preventive strategies.

WOMN 2560    Women, Science and Technology
WOMN 3000    Interdisciplinary Research in Women’s and Gender Studies
WOMN 4200    Seminar in Women’s and Gender Studies: Gender, Science and Human Rights