since 1918 ...
Pastoral courses in Theology
(Saskatoon and Regina)

St. Andrew’s College in Winnipeg traces its beginnings to Pastoral Courses in Theology that were conducted in Saskatoon and Regina since 1918.

1932 ...
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Seminary

In 1932, Pastoral Courses in Theology evolved into Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Seminary and moved to Winnipeg.

1943 ...
St. Andrew`s College in Winnipeg
(in St. John College)

A concrete plan for the establishment of a College, a higher institution of learning, was presented to and approved by the Clergy Conference of the Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox Church of Canada on June 25, 1943. Subsequently, St. Andrew’s College was incorporated under its charter in September 1946 on the premises of the former St. John’s College (Anglican) on Church Avenue in Winnipeg.

1960 ...
St. Andrew`s College in Winnipeg
(on University of Manitoba campus)

After the discontinuation of the High School program, Church leaders expressed the need to move the institution to the University of Manitoba campus. In 1960, negotiations were initiated with the University of Manitoba, culminating on June 14, 1962 when St. Andrew’s College became an associated college of the University. Construction of a new building on the campus began in December 1962 and was completed in the spring of 1964.

St. Andrew`s College in Winnipeg

Since spring of 1964, St. Andrew’s College is the Theological school of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, which offers 3 full-time programs, 1 part-time program and summer courses.



Academic Mission
Academic Mission
  • To offer programs and courses in Orthodox Christian Theology;
  • To support the Faculty in scholarly and educational activities;
  • To support the Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies thereby reaffirming our affiliation with the University of Manitoba;
Religious Mission
Religious Mission
  • To prepare candidates for the clergy for service in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada and other Orthodox Churches;
  • To provide community outreach;
  • To provide Orthodox witness on the campus of the University of Manitoba and beyond.
Cultural Mission
Cultural Mission
  • To develop community leaders;
  • To provide a Ukrainian Orthodox Christian residence on the campus of the University of Manitoba;
  • To encourage development and support of Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian culture within Canadian society;


St. Andrew’s College is the Theological school of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. The College exists to promote Orthodox spirituality, academic excellence, cultural awareness, and leadership within the Church, the Ukrainian Canadian Community and Canadian society.