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The Dysart Memorial Collection of Rare Books & Manuscripts

This exhibition of rare books and manuscripts is the first of its type to be held at Gallery 1.1.1., apart from a smaller showing from the same collection in 1972. It gives to the University community and the public at large an opportunity to view the unique collection formed as a memorial to the late Mr. Justice Andrew Knox Dysart. In particular it will give students in the School of Art an opportunity to study manuscripts and books of preceding ages, ranging from the fourteenth century to the early part of the twentieth century.

The educational value of these books cannot be over-emphasized. To the graphic designer their value lies particularly in illustrating the importance of the alphabet as a conceptual base for communication, in the structuring of the page, the quality of the illustrations, and the harmony of the complete design.

The subtleties of the typographical design reflect the artistic attitudes of the various periods and the cultural significance of artist-designers, publishers, and authors. This gives the present-day student insights into the intricate harmony of a complex design problem. The material is of superb quality and illustrates the place of the book as the instrument of civilized thought through many centuries of Western civilization. As a member of the faculty of the School of Art, I am most thankful to the sponsors of this exhibition for the opportunity of allowing us all to view these fine works of art.

Edward Doré / Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, School of Art

The Dysart Memorial Collection of rare books and manuscripts: an exhibition held at the Gallery 1.1.1., the University of Manitoba, April 23-May 11, 1973.

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