Major in SCM

Undergraduate Program in SCM

Major in Logistics and SCM

We offer an undergraduate major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Logistics concerns the management of inventory, in motion and at rest. Thus, it includes transportation, warehousing, inventory management, and customer service; it is a critical component of SCM.

According to the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council (CSCSC), “the supply chain is one of the most essential sectors of the Canadian economy, involving about 767,000 employees from a range of occupations and industries. The success of this sector in meeting its human resources and labour-market challenges has the potential to positively influence the future of Canada, and the quality of life that we all enjoy.” For more details, see

The Logistics and SCM Major comprises four courses (12 credit hours), as follows:

Required courses in the major:

  • Transportation Principles (SCM 2210)
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management (SCM 2230)
  • Supply Chain Logistics (SCM 3360)

Plus one of:

  • Selected Topics in Logistics and Transportation (SCM 2220; topics will vary)
  • Purchasing Management (SCM 2240)
  • Global Supply Chains (SCM 3230)
  • Advanced Issues in Supply Chain Management (SCM 4250)

Core Courses

Our Department offers the following two courses in the Asper School B. Comm core curriculum:

  • Introduction to Management Sciences (MSCI 2150)
  • Supply Chain & Operations Management (SCM 2160)