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Dr. Melinda Fowler - Biography

Dr. Melinda Fowler knew she wanted to care for people from a young age. She is a Métis/ Mi'kmaq woman who grew up on the east coast of Canada in Newfoundland and Southern Labrador. She received her Bachelor of Nursing (BScN) in 2001 from Memorial University of Newfoundland & Labrador. While working as a full time nurse at Sunnybrook Hospital, she returned to her education and received her Doctor of Chiropractic (CD) in 2006 at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. While working as a nurse and chiropractor, she again returned to education and completed her undergraduate medical degree (MD) in 2010 and her residency in family medicine in 2012; both at McMaster University. She is passionate about being an advocate for Indigenous youth and encouraging them to recognize their power and potential. She also encourages culturally safe spaces for Indigenous student learners in medicine, addressing and removing barriers and promoting curriculum which will educate both students and educators.

Recent Awards: 
Stonechurch Family Health Centre Professionalism Award
College of Family Physician of Canada Leadership Award
Certificate of Merit for Chief Family Medicine Resident

Relocating from Ontario in July 2015, Dr. Fowler has immersed herself in her work with the University of Manitoba as well as the wider Winnipeg community.
Dr. Fowler joined the department of Community Health Sciences as an Assistant Clinical Professor. She also holds an appointment in the Department of Family Medicine as Lecturer and Preceptor. In addition to her academic roles, Dr. Fowler also holds a position with the Northern Medical Unit as a Locum at Percy E. Moore Hospital, and Fisher Branch Health Centre.

Dr. Fowler is Medical Director & Family Physician at Mount Carmel Clinic in Winnipeg.

Dr. Fowler’s professional interest include Indigenous health, social determinants of health, health advocacy, culturally safe care, traditional medicine and ceremony, chronic pain and addictions, GLTBQ, sports medicine, and clinical leadership.
Her personal interests include physical fitness and healthy lifestyles, yoga, music, travel, tattoos, and her family life with her partner and daughter.
Dr. Fowler recently organized and hosted a special “Medical School Entrance Interview” (MSEI) three day workshop for Indigenous medical school applicants. This was a program she brought with her from McMaster University and plans to host each year in order to support and encourage Indigenous students applying to medicine at the University of Manitoba to be successful in their interviews in order to increase the number of Indigenous medical student learners.

Dr. Melinda Fowler
Assistant Professor

Dept Community Health Sciences
750 Bannatyne Avenue
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg MB  R3E 0W3 Canada

Fax: 204-789-3905
E-mail: Melinda.Fowler@umanitoba.ca