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Dr. Audrey Swift - Biography

Dr. Audrey Swift has an Interdisciplinary PhD in Psychology, Community Health Sciences, and Nursing from the University of Manitoba. In late 1999 (as an undergraduate student), Dr. Swift first became interested in research on ‘the mind-body connection’ in older adults, and that has been her research interest ever since. From 1999 until the year 2007, as part of the Emotion, Motivation, and Control Research Group (EMCOR), Dr. Swift studied perceptions of control as they related to physical health and psychological well-being in a subset of the Aging in Manitoba data that included mainly older women. From 2008 to present, in her years with the Manitoba Follow-up Study (one of the longest-running studies of health and aging in existence), Dr. Swift has had the rare opportunity to examine perceptions of control as they related to prospective health, well-being, and survival in older men. In addition to her research activities, Dr. Swift has been teaching classes on the social determinants of health to second, third, and fourth-year students in the Rady Faculty of Health Science’s Interdisciplinary Health Program since 2007.

Dr. Audrey Swift
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