Niji Mahkwa elementary school, 450 Flora Avenue has become home to the recently completed high technology science laboratories of the Inner-City Science Centre.  This Centre builds on the expansion of the Biomedical Youth Program. It is a partnership project involving the community in which it is based, the Winnipeg School Division, Manitoba Education, the Winnipeg Foundation, and the College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. A key feature of this Centre is that it brings high-end science resources directly to the community. It establishes the potential for long-term and sustained positive impact and benefit to the community.

The following activities are carried out at the Inner City Science Centre—

Academic enhancement: Developing the academic and laboratory skills of both teachers and students in the sciences.

Career awareness and motivation: Hosting information sessions in the evenings about health sciences and biomedical research careers to both students and parents.

Mentoring and research apprenticeship: Encouraging interest in the health sciences through laboratory exposure and supervision to students interested in undertaking science projects, and by fostering a stimulating academic learning environment and mentorship by research volunteer staff.


At present time, the Inner City Science Centre is an entirely unique initiative in Canada. Its state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are very impressive. This particular university-community collaboration continues to expand in both vision and substance. The Centre seeks to break down barriers between youths. Thus, students from the school divisions in Manitoba and from diverse socio-economic and ethno-cultural backgrounds are using the facilities.

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