Get Your Benefits
Get Your Benefits! is a plain language booklet listing many federal, provincial and regional benefits and programs individuals and families living in Manitoba may be eligible for. It is available in two languages:

General resources for everyone


Resources for health providers


You might think that because you receive social assistance or are a low-income earner there is no need to file your income tax return. But if you don’t file a return, you might be missing out on additional income. You may be eligible for some of the tax credits and benefits listed in the Get Your Benefits booklet.


Poverty is a significant risk factor for poor health and must be addressed like other major health risks. With better income, children are more likely to complete their education; less likely to experience difficulties finding and keeping jobs; and less likely to suffer adult illness and early death.

Provincial government departments and health and social service organizations may order as many paper copies as needed from Manitoba Health, Seniors, and Active Living.

Who We Are

A coalition of healthcare providers, researchers, community agencies and non-profit organizations based in Manitoba who aim to treat poverty to improve the health and well-being of Manitoba families.

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