OEFD/RFHS educational research and evaluation

Current projects

Members of the OEFD team are involved in collaborative research with members from many of the colleges in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. Some of our current projects include:

Research projects

Analysis of Assigned Studies in Undergraduate Medical Education

Principal Investigator: Christen Rachul

Co-Investigators: Benjamin Collins

Developing a Culture of Research in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Principal Investigator: Jacquie Ripat

Co-Investigators: Christen Rachul, Joanne Hamilton, Reg Urbanowski

Improving Narrative Feedback for Resident-led Academic Rounds: The Effects of Evaluation Form Design Changes

Principal Investigator: Sara Courtis

Co-Investigators: Wil Fleisher, Sarah Fotti, Christen Rachul

Survey of Employers’ Perceptions of College of Pharmacy Graduates

Principal Investigator: Ruby Grymonpre

Co-Investigators: Stephanie Giberson-Kirby, Renaud R, Vercaigne L, Louizos C, Drummond K, Zelenitsky S, Skwarek, L.

The State of the Union: Mapping Evolving Professional Stereotypes and Clinical Reasoning of Pharmacy and Medicine Students in a Time of Regulatory Upheaval (Project at University of Toronto)

Principal Investigator: Elise Paradis (U of T)

Co-Investigators: Kulamakan Kulasegaram (U of T), Christen Rachul

Evaluation projects

Evaluation of Undergraduate Medical Education Renewed Curriculum

Principal Investigator: Joanne Hamilton

Co-Investigators: Christen Rachul, Keevin Bernstein, Ira Ripstein, Helen Mawdsley, Benjamin Collins

Evaluation of Competence By Design at the University of Manitoba

Principal Investigator: Christen Rachul

Co-Investigators: Joanne Hamilton, Helen Mawdsley, Ingrid Toews, Ming-Ka Chan, Ganesh Srinivasan

Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program Evaluation

Principal Investigator: Ian Jones

Co-Investigators: Joanne Hamilton, Helen Mawdsley

Principles-Focused Evaluation of the Master of Physical Therapy Program

Principal Investigator: Helen Mawdsley

Principles-Focused Evaluation of the Master of Physician Assistant Studies

Principal Investigator: Helen Mawdsley


Selected publications by OEFD team members:

Artemeva, N., Rachul, C., O’Brien, B., & Varpio, L. (2017). Situated learning in medical education. Academic Medicine, 92(1), 134.

Rachul, C. (published ahead of print). Digesting data: Tracing the chromosomal imprint of scientific evidence through the development and use of Canadian dietary guidelines. Journal of Business and Technical Communication. DOI:10.1177/1050651918798683.

Rachul, C., Rasko, J. E., & Caulfield, T. (2017). Implicit hype? Representations of platelet rich plasma in the news media. PloS ONE, 12(8), e0182496.

Academic Presentations

Drummond, K., Giberson-Kirby, S., Wickens, A., & Romund, G. (2018 June 12-14). Manitoba pharmacy preceptor learning needs environmental scan as an elective. Poster presented at the Canadian Pharmacy Education and Research Conference, Ottawa, ON.

Giberson-Kirby, S., Gruber, J. & Lemelin, C. (2018 February 14-16). Negotiation tools & techniques for educational developers: Coaching academics in prickly positions. Workshop presented at the Educational Developers Caucus, Victoria, British Columbia.

Rachul, C. (2018 May 17). Hyping by omission: The example of platelet-rich plasma therapy, the popular media, and implicit hype. Paper presented at Mapping the Emerging Issues in the Public Representation of Bioscience & Health Issues, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.

Rachul, C. (2017 October 27). Patient voices. Paper presented at the Workshop on Unproven Stem Cell Procedures: Not the Cure-all Elixir of the 21st Century - Exploring Ways to Reduce Potential Harm, Stem Cell Network, Ottawa, ON.

Wawrykow, T.,  & Mawdsley, H. (2018 May 27-30). Exploring educational innovation: Out of the shadows of shadow week. Poster presented at the Conference for the Canadian Association for Emergency Physicians, Halifax, NS

Practical applications of research

Guidelines for Developing UGME Assigned Studies