Stephen Ciastek

Lab Technician
Centre for Earth Observation Science, Geological Sciences

Supervisor: Zou Zou Kuzyk
B.Sc.G.Sc.(Maj.) in Geology, Minor in Entomology (University of Manitoba)


 As a Lab Assistant I ensure that samples (ice cores, organisms, sediment cores, sediment traps, etc.) are prepared for analyses, packaging any samples that need to be sent out, assisting with any packing and prepping required for field work, and maintaining lab supplies and glassware following SOPs, monitoring the condition of equipment, and stock levels. To aid in analyses (18O, Hg, TSS, etc.), I collaborate with labs within the department and with other departments when the need arises. To help maintain accuracy and efficiency I have created an archive and database of samples as well as modernizing the department’s freezer database.
I assist with the curation of mineral and rock samples and I also aid the department in implementing the reorganization of assets.

Contact Information:

564 Wallace Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2N2