Student Exchange

Going on a student exchange is an excellent way of enhancing your degree, academic experience and marketability. During this period of globalization there is a growing demand for engineers with a ‘global’ background as more and more multi-national companies require teams to work across international borders. Engineers are a vital part of these teams and need the skills and knowledge not only in their field of expertise, but also in cross-cultural communication and work situations.

The Faculty of Engineering facilitates opportunities for engineering students at University of Manitoba to go abroad as well as foreign students to attend our Faculty to acquire the skills and training to meet these requirements.

For more about our outgoing and incoming exchange opportunities, explore the links to the left.


  1. You learn another language and experience a different culture.  Going overseas to a country whose mother tongue is not your own and that has a culture very different from what you are used to will give you an appreciation for those who are in a similar situation and expose you to another perspective.
  2. You learn to be flexible and adaptable and most importantly, teachable.  Living, learning and working overseas will stretch you as you meet daily challenges in communication and day-to-day living. You will learn ‘another way of doing things’. Your ability to be teachable in this setting will help you approach your career in a similar way.
  3. You will experience working alongside other students and mentors who have a different cultural perspective. This experience will teach you to work and study with colleagues from other national and cultural backgrounds. Having learned how another culture views the world will give you an understanding how to work with others in a team setting. It will also give you cross-cultural communication skills.
  4. You get to see another part of the world. Let’s not forget that participating will also provide you with the opportunity to see your host country and absorb its cultural heritage.
  5. You will have more skills than other graduates and will be more marketable. Employers are increasingly looking to hire people with international experience.
  6. You gain confidence and learn more about yourself. Studying and living abroad contributes to your personal development and you gain the confidence to face future challenges head on.
  7. You learn to appreciate your own country and culture. Being in another country and immersed in its culture gives you an appreciation for your own. You also gain an insight into the strength and weaknesses of both.
  8. You can get credit towards your University of Manitoba degree for courses taken in another country. Through the Letter of Permission, the courses you take overseas are pre-approved and recorded onto your record when you return.
  9. You have lots of fun and make friends for life!


For more information regarding exchange & partner programs, please contact the International Engineering Programs Office:

Nammy Nadarajah
Administrative Assistant
E2-376E EITC
Phone: (204) 474-9409

J.P. Burak, P.Eng., M.Sc.
Lead - Partnerships, Mobility and Advising for Hybrid and International Programs
E1-290 EITC
Phone: (204) 474-8974