Lori Wilkinson







University of Alberta                                                                        Sept. 1996 to Dec. 2000
Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology), December 2000
Dr. Harvey Krahn, supervisor
Dissertation Title: The Integration of Refugee Youth in Canada

University of Saskatchewan                                                          Sept. 1994 to May 1996 
Master of Arts (Sociology),    
Dr. Peter S. Li, supervisor
Thesis Title: Individual Achievement or Market Constraint? The Effects of Human Capital on the Income of Aboriginal People in Canada

Bachelor of Arts (Honours, Sociology) with Distinction            Sept. 1990 to May 1994


• Association for Canadian Studies, 2003 to present
• Canadian Ethnic Studies Association, 1997-present
• Canadian Sociological Association, 1998-present
• Canadian Council of Refugees 2017-present
• Immigration Research West, 2013 to present
• International Sociological Association, 2012 to present
       o Member of the Racism Nationalism and Ethnic Relations RC (R05)
       o Member of the Sociology of Migration Research Committee (RC31)
• International Centre for Academic Integrity, March 2013 to present
• International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, 2013 to present


• Executive Director, Immigration Research West/Recherche ouest en immigration,
   October 2013 to present.
• Editor in Chief, Journal of International Migration and Integration,
   January 2013 to present
• Chair, Integration and Civic Engagement Sector Table, Immigrant Partnerships of
   Winnipeg, 2016 to present
• Member, Research Advisory Board, Western Region Working Group
• Member, Research Partnerships Table, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ottawa,
   March 2014 to present


• Department of Sociology, University of Manitoba (2001 to present)

-Sociology 2320 Canadian Society and Culture: an undergraduate level course comparing work, education, youth, family, immigration, and other aspects in Canada to international experiences.

-Sociology 2370 Ethnic Relations: an undergraduate level course on racism, ethnic identity, immigration, Quebec/Canada relations and Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

-Sociology 2290 Research Methods: a six-credit hour undergraduate level course introducing students to quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

-Sociology 3460/7250: Education, Human Rights and Social Justice in a Multicultural Society: taught jointly with Dr. Ruby Sain, Jadavpur University (India) and faculty from Extended Education, Native Studies and Education. An interdisciplinary class examining issues related to rights in India and Canada.

-Sociology 7310 Intergroup Relations: Immigrant and Refugee Studies: a graduate level course on international migration issues and settlement in Canada.

-Sociology 7390 Survey Research Methods: a graduate level course in research methods and statistics.

-various graduate reading courses in advanced statistical methods, race and ethnic relations, immigration and cultural studies..

Thesis Supervision

Current Students

• Pallabi Bhattacharyya, PhD Dissertation (Sociology) TBA in progress.
• Sally Ogoe, PhD Dissertation (Sociology) TBA in progress
• Cosmos Domfeh, MA (Sociology) in progress
• Abdul-Bari Abdul Karim (Sociology) in progress

Graduated Students

• Jill Bucklaschuk, PhD Dissertation (Sociology), You can stay, you must go: The experiences of low-skill temporary migrants and their options for permanent resident status in Canada,  2016.

• Sally Ogoe, (Sociology), A sociological perspective on female genital mutilation: a comparative study of laws and perceptions in Canada and Africa, 2014.

• Iqbal Ahmed Chowdhury, MA Thesis (Sociology), The Influence of Social Capital on the Physical Health of Newcomer Youth in Canada, 2015

• Janine Bramadat, MA Thesis (Sociology), The role of Canadian laws and social policies in perpetuating intimate partner abuse among newcomer women in Canada,  completed December 2014.

• Palak Dhiman, MA Thesis (Sociology), Multiculturalism and Identity Formation of Second Generation Canadian Women of South Asian Origin through Indian Classical Dance , completed August 2013.

• Alison Kalischuk, MA Thesis (Sociology), Social Capital, A Good Concept Gone Bad? Completed December 2013.

• Bong-Hwan Kim, PhD Dissertation (Interdisciplinary), The Integration Experiences of Korean Canadians: The Effects of Social Capital, completed January 2013.

• Scott Jarosiewicz, Honours paper (Global Political Economy) A Comparison of the Labour Market outcomes of Refugees in Canada and Sweden, completed April 2013.

• Elizabeth Shin, Field Placement (Sociology) The Effect of Racism on Driving while Black and Flying while Arab in Canada, completed April 2013.

• Rachel Dolnychuk, MA Thesis (Sociology), Canada’s Aging Population: Does Immigrant Status Matter? Completed December 2012

• Shawn Baker, MA Thesis (Sociology), Educational Attainment and Economic Returns: A Comparative analysis of foreign- and native-born Canadians in First-, Second- and Third-tier cities, completed January 2011.

• Lualhati Marcelino, Honours Thesis (Sociology), The Feminization of Migrant Caregiving Labour in Canada: A Comparative Analysis of the Barriers and Vulnerabilities Faced by Filipina Nurses and Live-in Caregivers, completed April 2010

• Wendy Aujla, Honours Thesis (Sociology) A Media Analysis of Domestic Violence and Immigrant Women in Canada, completed April 2009

• Suzanne Latchmin, Honours Thesis (Sociology), A Comparison of Anti-Terrorism Laws in Canada and the US, completed April 2009

• Carly Liebrecht, MA Thesis (Sociology), The Educational Attainment of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, completed May 2009.

• Swati Mandal, MA Thesis (Sociology), The Settlement Intentions of International Students in Manitoba, completed: December 2009

• Jasmine Thomas, MA Thesis (Sociology), Immigrant Serving Organizations and the School-to-Work Transitions of Newcomer Youth in Winnipeg, completed August 2009.

• Jennifer Dengate, Honours Thesis (Sociology), The Mental Health Experiences of Women in Canada, completed April 2008.

• Kaeleigh Schroeder, Honours Thesis (Sociology), The Hérouxville Controversy: Democratic Racism in Canada, completed April 2008.

• Jasmine Thomas, Honours Thesis (Sociology), Effects of Grade Placement on the Academic Achievements of Immigrant Youth in Canada, completed April 2007.

• Ana Raluca Buzdugan, MA Thesis (Sociology), The Influence of Foreign-Acquired Education on Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Canada, completed December 2006.

• Tina Fehr Kehler, MA Thesis (Sociology), Dietsche Mennonite Women in Manitoba, completed May 2006.

• Julie Foucreault, Pre-Master’s Thesis (Sociology),  Afghanistan and Columbia's Drug Cultivation Epidemic: Structural Commonalities as Cause, completed April 2006

• Renuka Chaturvedi, MA Thesis (Sociology), An Examination of Social Capital among Filipino Immigrants in Winnipeg, completed April 2005.

Research-[May include research interests and methodological approaches/ epistemology]

My research agenda focuses on the integration of refugees and immigrants. Lately, I have been working on various aspects related to the successful economic integration of refugees in Canada, settlement service use among immigrants and refugees and the health and well-being of immigrant and refugee youth. Previous projects have examined the long-term labour market trajectories of those arriving to Canada as children or teens. Other areas of research interest include the health outcomes of newcomer children and youth and labour market transitions of immigrant women. I have good statistical and qualitative training and have provided assistance with a variety of projects including a study of the non-fracture needs of hospitalized Winnipeggers, bullying and small-scale studies involving the life course of Indigenous peoples. I work closely with several immigrant settlement service providers across Canada to provide them with data and research results to assist them in their work. I also work with various federal government departments. Most recently, I co-wrote a report for the European Union which examined the labour market experiences of refugees in Canada.

Key words: race and ethnic relations, immigration and refugee studies, citizenship, youth and school-to-work transitions, integration, and research methods.

Academic Awards

• University of Manitoba/UMFA Merit Award for Service, 2016
• Shastri Indo-Canadian Research Fellowship: held at Jadavpur University Kolkata India, 2015
• Professor of the Year, Faculty of Arts, University of Manitoba, 2008
• Visiting Professor, Refugee Studies Centre, The University of Oxford, United Kingdom, 2004


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2Book Chapters

• Wilkinson, Lori (forthcoming 2017) “The Labour Market Experiences of Refugees in Canada” in Structural Context of Refugee Integration in Canada and Germany.  Annette Korntheuer, Débora Maehler and Paul Pritchard, Eds. Mannheim: Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences and GESIS.
        o In English and German

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3. Books

• Roberts, Lance, Jason Edgerton, Tracey Peter and Lori Wilkinson (in preparation, forthcoming 2015) Understanding Social Statistics. Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press.

4. Book Adaptations (Refereed)

• Bouma, Gary, Rod Ling and Lori Wilkinson (2008) The Research Process, First Canadian Edition. Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press.
            o Second edition published 2012
            o Third edition published in 2016
            o Fourth edition to be released in 2019

5. Non-refereed Publications in Journals (recent)

• Bucklaschuk, Jill and Lori Wilkinson (2014) “Service use among newcomers to Canada” accepted for publication in Canadian Diversity.
• Hébert, Yvonne and Lori Wilkinson (2011) “Meeting the Challenges of the New Century: Creating Common Values as Fundamental to Citizenship” Canadian Issues-Thèmes Canadiens 6(Spring) 28-33.
• Jedwab, Jack and Lori Wilkinson (2016) “When it comes to migrant belonging and trust, it’s not about the Money, Money...: A comparison of Canada’s refugees and economic immigrants” Canadian Diversity, 13(4).    
• Bucklaschuk, Jill, Pallabi Bhattacharyya, Lori Wilkinson, Yi Shen, Iqbal A. Chowdhury and Tamara Edkins (2016) “Does language, employment status and region of origin influence access to settlement services” Canadian Diversity 13(1): 39-42.

6.  Government Reports (Non-refereed, recent)

• Wilkinson, Lori and Joseph Garcea (2016) Labour Market Outcomes among Refugees to Canada. Washington and Brussels: Migration Policy Institute. (also distributed to the Trans-Atlantic Council on Migration, EU Immigration Ministers, June 2016)
• Ashton, William, Pallabi Bhattacharyya, Eleni Galatsanou, Sally Ogoe and Lori Wilkinson (2016). Emerging Uses of Big Data in Immigration Research. Final Report submitted to SSHRC, Ottawa, October, 22 pages.
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• Mulatris, Paulin, Marianne Jacquet, Lori Wilkinson, Mamadou Ka, Laurie Carlson Berg, Gwénaëlle André, and Jasmine Urra-Rugama (2016). L’immigration Francophone dans les Territoires et l’ouest Canadien : Réalités et Perspectives après 10 ans d’accueil et de Services. Ottawa : Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
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• Wilkinson, Lori (2011) Trends in the Education Pathways of Newcomer Youth in Canada Winnipeg: Manitoba Education-Instruction, Curriculum and Assessment Branch. With the assistance of Nicole Palidwor. 17 pages.

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