Psychology Undergraduate Honours Program

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What is the Honours degree?
  • Involves more intensive research and coursework experience
  • Academic prerequisite for most psychology graduate programs
  • For students who are serious about a career as a psychologist
  • Coursework plus a research project under supervision of one or more faculty – culminates in the Honours Thesis
When can I apply to the Honours program?
  • Any time after the completion of the first 24 credit hours of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree
  • Must have

o   Completed a 6-credit PSYC 1200 (Introduction to Psychology),

o   Received a B in PSYC 2260 (Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology)

o   A minimum GPA of 3.50 (see the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science websites to determine how they calculate your GPA)

o   Met any other requirements as set out by the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science

  • Application to the Honours Program is done through the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science General Offices
How do I find an Honours Advisor?

To find an honours advisor, go to the websites of the Faculty and Adjuncts at Psychology Faculty. The websites for each person outlines the research interests of all the faculty. Find three or four that sound interesting and approach them about doing your honours research with them. You are also allowed to approach Faculty members outside the Department of Psychology, but your thesis must have a psychology focus. You should probably begin this process approximately in February or March of your third year. If you have not found an advisor by September, the instructor of the Honours Seminar course will help you make arrangements. Bear in mind that you will have very little choice in the matter, so don't wait!!

There’s also a fun side to the program!

At the end of your degree, we hold an honours dinner to celebrate the achievements of our students. Many students bring a date or their parents to this event. While we do give out some serious awards such as the Ten Have Award for the best thesis and the Canadian Psychological Association awards certificates we also have a number of humorous awards for students and advisors such as these two:

Honours FunHonours Fun


Thinking about going on to graduate school?

There are many things that you need to think about in order to apply to graduate school. It’s not too early to start. In fact, you should begin preparing yourself in your third year of your undergraduate degree. For students in their third year, click HERE for more information about what you need to do to get ready to apply to graduate school.