University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Linguistics - Verónica Loureiro-Rodríguez
Verónica Loureiro-Rodríguez


PhD Hispanic Linguistics, University of California, Davis
MA Hispanic Linguistics, University of Colorado at Boulder
BA Hispanic Philology, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain;
Erasmus Fellow, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Research interests

Language contact, code-switching, language attitudes, Spanish as a heritage language, global hip hop

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Graduate students

2015  Flávia Stocco, MA   The use of third person accusative pronouns in spoken Brazilian
Portuguese: an analysis of different TV genres (in progress)

2013 Natalie Rangel, MA, Hispanic Studies, Texas A&M University:  Is that what I sound like when I speak?  Attitudes towards Spanish, English, and code-switching in two Texas border towns (Co-Chair: Irene Moyana, Texas A&M University)

Generals Papers Supervised

2015 Hanadi Azhari, PhD, Linguistics, U of M:  Makkan Coronal Fricative Variation in WhatsApp

2014 Mutasim Al-Deaib, PhD, Linguistics, U of M:  Code-switching by Jordanian Bilinguals on Facebook; The Case of Jordanian Arabic and English

2014  Zeyad Al-Daher, PhD, Linguistics, U of M: Code-switching amongst Arabic-Speaking Jordanians in Manitoba