Collecting, Citing, Curating Research Cluster

Hockey cards, coins, stamps, vintage glasses, fan memorabilia, luxury handbags, glass marbles, spoons, keychains, teddy bears, cars, concert tickets, Hello Kitty.  We are all familiar with collections, collectors, and the related sub-cultures they engender that fascinate some and repel others.  Similarly, scholars, artists, and curators are trained to treat intellectual life as a collection: we constantly signal through our range of citations the literatures, debates, scholars, schools of art that provide legitimation, framing parameters, and interpretive modes to discuss that which each of us deems valuable. Like a collection or art show, our knowledge comes to have meaning when others recognize and accept the logics of collection, citation, and curatorial practice that we’ve invoked.  While this insight is not, in itself, a new mode of inquiry, it does insist that we move from thinking about objects (nouns) and that we turn to actions (verbs): thus, Collecting, Citing, Curating.  This research group is interested in the creative acts and various logics behind each.

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