Talking About Indigenous Archives: Colloquium Program

This Colloquium has already taken place, but we will keep the program posted here for reference due to frequent queries regarding the event. Please contact the Institute for the Humanities for information about related events or developments.

Saturday October 5, 2013, St John’s College, University of Manitoba

8:00-8:45 Registration

8:45 Welcome (Cross Common Room CCR)
Carl Stone
David Watt
Anne Lindsay
Krista Walters

9:00-10:30 Breakfast Plenary (CCR)
Indigenous archives: past, present, future
Chair: Adele Perry
Marlene Atleo
Greg B ak
Camille Callison
Warren Cariou
Sherry Farrell Racette
Cara Krmpotich
Maureen Matthews
Ry Moran
Winona Wheeler

10:30-10:45 Short Break

10:45-12:30 Session 1
Panel 1 (Rm 114): Remembering: Memory, strategies, and structures
Chair: Terry Reilly
Helen Agger “‘Baamaa giin, Miishiijiimin!’ - Some thoughts on Anishinaabe archival practice”
Daniel Sioux-Ranville "Superior Auditory Memory"
Winona Wheeler “‘our memories are our books’: mnemonic and narrative strategies in Indigenous Oral Histories”

Panel 2 (Rm 115): "Can You Have History Without an Archive? The Contemporary Aboriginal Art History Project" (Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art)
Chair: Shelley Sweeney
Sherry Farrell Racette
Daina Warren
Jessica Jacobson-Konefall

12:30-1:45 Reception-style Lunch (Sandwiches and refreshments provided, CCR)
1:00-1:30 (CCR) “Imagining Indigenous Archives”
Ry Moran (Director, Statement Gathering and National Research Centre, TRC)
Introduction: Tom Nesmith

1:45-3:30 Session 2
Panel 3 (Rm 114): Recalling and recounting: Connecting memory and the present
Chair: Greg Bak
Clare Cook and Jeff Muehlbauer "Maintaining Oral Chains of Knowledge in Plains Cree"
Warren Cariou “Archive, Memory and Repertoire in Cree Storytelling”
Michael Minor “Living Archives, Frozen Books, and Cree Storytelling”

Panel 4 (Rm 115): “Preserving and promoting Métis history and culture one click at a time: The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture (”
(Gabriel Dumont Institute)
Chair: Tom Nesmith
Darren Prefontaine
David Morin

Panel 5 (Rm 125): Respectful relationships: exploring intersections between people and archiving traditions
Chair: Jesse Boiteau
Camille Callison “Indigenous People and Archives”
Michelle Rydz “A Community of Memory: Exploring the Aboriginal Societal Provenance of the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives”
Evan J. Habkirk and Braden Te Hiwi “Working Within the System: Challenges in Creating an Indigenous Archive from Western Sources”
Lisa P. Nathan "What is the Role of Academic Institutions in Sustaining Indigenous Archives?"

3:30-3:45 Nutrition Break (Refreshments provided, CCR)

3:45-5:30 Session 3
Panel 6 (Rm 114): Terrain and Trauma: Exploring Living Archives in Places and Memory
Chair: Camille Callison
Carolyn Podruchny “The Archive of Place: Travelling Through Metis History”
Jesse Thistle “Archives as Good Medicine: Rediscovering Our Ancestors and Understanding the Root Causes of Intergenerational Trauma”
Victoria Freeman “First Story Toronto: Accessing the Indigenous Archives of Toronto”
Cara Krmpotich “Exploring Cultural Archives: How the Senses and Memory Form Relations”

Panel 7 (Rm 115): Negotiating: A complex landscape of authority and authenticity
Chair: Winona Wheeler
Jane Zhang “Pictorial Form of Recordkeeping: Winter Counts”
Josephine Sallis “The George Swinton fonds at the Winnipeg Art Gallery”
Terry Reilly “Legal value and the integrity of first nations archives a case for (miss and inter)connections”
Timothy Maton “How did colonial archives embody racism? Remembering and tracing the development of racist archival sciences”

Panel 8 (Rm 125): Manitoba Research Alliance
Chair: Billy Nepinak
Part I: “Preserving the History of Aboriginal Institutional Development in Winnipeg”
John Loxley
Kathy Mallet
Louise Chippeway
Larry Morrissette
Crystal Greene

Part II: “Preserving the History of Urban Aboriginal Organizations in Winnipeg: Perspectives from the Archival Team on the Challenges and Potentials of Archiving Winnipeg’s Urban Aboriginal Records”
Sarah Story
Shelley Sweeney
Jesse Boiteau

5:30-5:45 Closing remarks (Cloister)

Poster Presentation (Cloister, all day)
“Archives, Researchers and Indigenous Communities: ‘The duty to remember, the right to be forgotten’”
Katherine Pettipas and Shelley Sweeney

This colloquium was generously sponsored and organized through the University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities, Faculty of Arts, with support from the Canada Research Chair in Western Canadian Social History.

Thank you to the Colloquium Advisory Committee for their time and contribution:
Marlene Atleo
Shirley Delorme Russell
Sherry Farrell Racette
Kiera Ladner
Maureen Matthews
Mary Jane McCallum
Winona Wheeler