The Arts of Conversation

This series is intended to showcase new research by scholars from across the humanities and other related fields, from outstanding doctoral students to senior professors.  The definition of newness is broad, spanning from work only recently begun to that just recently published.  It is also committed to the exploration of key themes and innovative scholarly methods and lines of enquiry.  The aim of the series is to strengthen intellectual connections across disciplines as well as to foster a lively research community and culture.

 Winter 2019

All events at 2:30 pm in 409 Tier

Thursday, January 24
Paul Jenkins (UMIH), 
“Witchcraft, Scepticism and Trust in Early Enlightenment Scotland:
A Critical Reassessment of the Decline of the Early Modern Witch-hunts”

Thursday, January 31
Sarah Elvins (History),
“Lessons From the Food History
Lab: Thoughts on Hands-on Learning in the Humanities”

*Tuesday, February 5
Alyson Brickey (English, University of Winnipeg),
“‘The Agony of the Partition’: America’s Walls”

Thursday, February 14
Christopher Crocker (Iceandic Studies),
“Narrating Disability Before Disability: Embodied Impairment in
the Medieval Icelandic Sagas”

Thursday, February 28
Jason Brown (UMIH, Research Affiliate), 
“Teaching Justice in Renaissance Florence:
The Summa of Archibishop Antonin”

Thursday, March 7
Michelle Faubert (English, Theatre, Film & Media),
“Famous Suicides and Suicides of the Famous from the
Romantic Period to the Present”

Thursday, March 14
Shoshannah Bryn Jones Square (UMIH, Research Affiliate),
“‘For Ever Lost’: Mary Shelley’s Disappearing Heroines”

Thursday, March 21
Matthew Neufeld
(UMIH, Research Affiliate; History,University of Saskatchewan), 
“New Formation on Old Foundations:
Navel Healthcare During King William’sWar, 1689-1702”

Thursday, March 28
Celiese Lypka (UMIH, Research Affiliate), 
“Self-Indifference: Rejecting Self-Preservation as a Feminist Act”

Fall 2018

Friday, 21 September
12:00 pm, 409 Tier Building
Anita Guerrini, “William Hunter and Eighteenth-Century Anatomical Collections”
Presented by the UMIH Health Humanities Research Cluster,
with support from the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science

Thursday, 4 October
2:30 pm, 409 Tier Building
Etienne-Marie Lassi, “Environmental/ecological issues and the aesthetics of
detective novels in francophone Africa"

Thursday, 11 October
2:30 pm, 409 Tier Building
Michael Sampson, “He makes the sort of marriage by which he is at some point upset”:
Myth and Misdirection in Prometheus Bound

Wednesday, 17 October—Public Event
Doors 6:30, Good Will Social Club, 625 Portage Ave.
TIPI Confesssions: Sexy storytelling, performances,
and anonymous audience confessions. Sex, (almost) everybody does it
and (almost) nobody talks about it — except at Tipi Confessions

Thursday, 25 October
2:30 pm, 409 Tier Building
David Annandale, “The Darkest Timeline: Get Out, Hereditary,
and the Horror Movie in the Age of Trump”

Thursday, 1 November
2:30 pm, 409 Tier Building
Nancy Kang, "Two Latina Feminisms: Rhina Espaillat and Alicia Gaspar de Alba
in Contemporary Latina Feminist Contexts"

Thursday, 29 November
2:30 pm, 111, St John’s College
Bryn Square Jones, “[F]or ever lost”: Mary Shelley’s Disappearing Heroines”