Len Kuffert

Chair of the History Graduate Program


Office: 222 St. John's College
e-mail: Len.Kuffert@umanitoba.ca
Phone: (204) 474-8106
personal webpage


Ph.D., McMaster University
M.A., University of British Columbia
B.A.(Hons.) and B.Ed., University of Saskatchewan


Cultural history of 20th century Canada, especially the history of radio; the concept of taste; citizenship/activism and its connection to culture; the esoteric arts (astrology, the paranormal, etc.)


Canada before Television: Radio, Taste, and the Struggle for Cultural Democracy, (Montreal and Kingston:McGill-Queen's University Press, 2016)
“‘What do you expect of this friend?’: Canadian radio and the intimacy of broadcasting,” Media History 15(3) (August 2009): 303-319.
“The Privileges of Democracy: defending Culture in wartime Canada,” in Muriel Chamberlain and Andrew Hiscock, eds., Engaging the Enemy: Canada in the 1940s (Ammanford, Wales: Dinewfr Press, 2006)
A Great Duty:Canadian Responses to Modern Life and Mass Culture, 1939-1967 (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2003).
"'stabbing our spirits broad awake': Reconstructing Canadian Culture, 1940-1948", in Christie and Gauvreau, eds., Cultures of Citizenship in Postwar Canada, 1940-1955 (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2003).
"'Reckoning with the Machine': The British Columbia Social Credit Movement as Social Criticism, 1932-1952", BC Studies 124 (Winter 1999/2000): 9-39.


HIST 1390 Colonial Canada, 1500-1885

HIST 2286 Modern Canada

HIST 1390 Colonial Canada, 1500-1885
HIST 3250 Canada and the World 1867 to the Present
HIST 4280/7670 Topics in the Cultural History of Canada

HIST 1390 Colonial Canada, 1500-1885
HIST 4400/7700 Historical Method and Historiography

HIST 1400 Canadian Nation since 1867
HIST 1440 History of Canada
HIST 4400/7700 Historical Method & Historiography

HIST 2286 Modern Canada
HIST 4280 Topics in the Cultural History of Canada: Society, Citizens and the State
HIST 7290 Canadian History 1860 to the Present: Canadian Cultural and Intellectual History
HIST 4400/7700 Historical Method & Historiography