The Partners Program has proven to be a unique and outstanding example of the synergy that is created between the academic community, industry, business and professions. The synergy is a special blend of the research acumen on the part of the Faculty of Architecture and its outreach initiatives into the communities of Manitoba on the one hand, and the knowledge, experience and capabilities of industry and practitioners.

Membership is open to any professional or industry partner who would like to be connected to the Faculty of Architecture.  Through your membership you will be invited to engage with the students and faculty Members.  Members also gain access to the Faculty of Architecture FABLab and Workshop. 

Annual Fee
Corporate Member  - $1,000
Alumni / Community Member - $500

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5468796 Architecture Inc.
Johanna Hurme / Sasa Radulovic 

5648796 logo

Architecture 49
Lee McCormick

architecture 49 logo

Barkman Concrete Ltd.
Alan Barkman / Adrian Price

barkman logo

BLDG Architecture Office Inc.
Karen ShanskiBLDG Logo
Bockstael Construction Limited
Dan BockstaelBockstael Logo
Bouwen Architecture & Engineering Ltd.
Jacqueline JasinskiBouwen image

Cibinel Architects Ltd
Michael RobertsonCibinel Image

Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd.
Rob O'Toole

Crosier Kilgour Image

Jeff DiBattista

dialogue logo

Peter Tielmann

EQ3 logo

Architecture Landscape Interior Design

Marten Duhoux
ft3 logo

HTFC Planning & Design
Monica Giesbrecht

HTFC logo

Kobayashi + Zedda Architects Ltd.
Jack Kobayashi
kobayashi + zedda logo

Manitoba Hydro
Mark Pauls
Manitoba Hydro logo

Manitoba Masonry Institute
Jeffrey Dolovitch
MMI logo

Number TEN Architectural Group
Christina Legris

number10 logo

Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba

PIDIM logo

Price Industries
Gerry Price
Price Industries logo

Public City Architecture Inc
Peter Sampson

Public City logo

Shelter Canadian Properties Limited
Arni Thorsteinson

Shelter Canadian logo

Stantec Architecture
Michael Banman

Stantec logo

Unit 7 Architecture Inc
Dean Syverson
Unit 7 image


Faculty Member
    Harlyn Thompson

 Dean, Faculty of Architecture
    Jonathan, Beddoes