Diarmuid Nash
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Diarmuid Nash has enjoyed over 25 years with Moriyama & Teshima, having joined M&T in 1988 after completing work on the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, a design-build project.
A partner since 1998, Diarmuid is particularly skilled and adept at managing complex, aggressive Fast-track, CM/GMP projects that must address the often divergent priorities of diverse user and interest groups and delivering award-winning buildings on Time and on Budget. Diarmuid was Partner-in-Charge of the 2008 Governor General Award winning New Canadian War Museum in Ottawa; and the multi-phase Queenston Plaza Border Crossing Redevelopment. Diarmuid also led the Aga Khan Museum project in Toronto as the Architect of Record; and the design of the new City of Surrey City Hall project in Surrey, BC.

Diarmuid was responsible for the design of the first major Ontario Government building to incorporate sustainable design – the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Headquarters Building – and also one of the earliest design-build projects in Ontario.

Currently, he is leading the MTA team on the new Windsor City Hall and the Union Museum in the United Arab Emirates. Diarmuid brings unique vision and an unparalleled depth of understanding about what creates enduring, landmark places that compel people to visit again and again.

Speaker Supported by: Seagram Visiting Lecture Fund

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ED 50th Celebration
Friday, September 23
6PM  |  Centre Space
John A. Russell Building
Faculty of Architecture
University of Manitoba