Duncan Mercredi

Duncan Mercredi is a Cree-Metis poet and storyteller. He was born in Misipawistik (Grand Rapids) and grew up listening to his grandmother’s stories. His affinity for the wilderness and his sensitivity to the deep cultural prejudices of the broader culture inform his writing. He has published four poetry collections, including Spirit of the Wolf: Raise Your Voice and The Duke of Windsor: Wolf Sings the Blues. He is a long-time member of Winnipeg’s Indigenous Writers Collective. He was also a contributor to ndncountry, the special joint issue of Prairie Fire and CV2. Duncan lives in Winnipeg.  If you'd like to learn more about Duncan, you can read about him in this UM Today article.

To meet with Duncan individually about any aspect of your written work, please email him to make an appointment, attaching 1500 words (approximately 10-15 double-spaced pages) of your work.    He will be in residence From January 3 to April 3, 2019, and his weekly office hours are Thursdays from Noon-2:30pm and 4-5:30pm.

Photos from Duncan's Welcome Event and inaugural reading at the Centre can be viewed here.

"Street Stories" - A Weekly Literary Workshop with Duncan:

If you'd like to develop your writing in a group setting, you're welcome to join Duncan's weekly literary workshops, "Street Stories".

These workshops will explore the creative possibilities of the written and spoken word, focusing on storytelling techniques, as well as on short stories and poetry, from a highly autobiographical perspective.  Beginning with the Rougarou tradition of telling the same story in different ways, participants are invited to re-assess not only how a story is told and interpreted, but also how oneself is interpreted.  Ideas of personal identity highly inform one’s writing and telling, so participants will be encouraged to consider how their sense of self fluctuates in geographical, ancestral, urban and rural spaces – and how such fluctuations, in turn, influence and inspire one’s writings and tellings.  

When:  2:30-4pm every Thursday, from Jan 31-Mar 14 (excluding Feb 21)

Where:  CCWOC's Creative Communications Studio - 391 University College

*To register for Duncan's literary workshops, please contact him directly at ccwocwir@umanitoba.ca.


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