Radioactive Waste Disposal

Updated June 14, 2018

Quick Step Guide for Radioactive Waste

Waste Chart for Radioisotope Laboratories 

Fort Garry Radioactive Waste Disposal Calendar 2018 

Bannatyne Waste Disposal Calendar 2018

Note:  Special permission may be required before starting procedures that combine radioactive and biohazardous materials.  Please consult the Radiation Safety Manual (RSP-3, Section 12), the Approved Waste Disposal Section of the Internal Radioisotope Permit or EHS staff for guidance.

Recommended Liquid Waste Containers Information 

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Hazardous Waste Disposal and Forms Page

DISPOSAL of X-ray Equipment EHS and Radiation Protection, Cancer Care Manitoba MUST be informed to keep inventories up to date.  Before you dispose or transfer/sell any type of X-ray equipment read this and complete a Decommissioning of Laboratory Equipment Form.   As well, you must follow the University requirements for disposing of Captal Assets (Link to Capital Asset Management).