Capital Accounting - Capital Projects & Capital Assets Management

Capital Projects

All Capital projects are handled by the Capital Accounting office which is responsible for tracking all land, building acquisitions and improvements.  We review all Capital Building Expenditures, ensuring they comply with policy and government regulations.  We manage the Capital Fund ensuring all projects are funded and accounted for properly.  At year-end we capitalize all the building expenditures, prepare amortization schedules, and prepare working papers for the University’s Financial Statements.  

  • To request a new Capital Fund for major renovation and construction projects, utilize the Capital Fund Request form available on Financial Services Forms

  • Utilize the Operating Funded Capital Transfers form available on Financial Services Forms to utilize operating funding for capital uses.

Capital Assets Managment

A Capital Asset has a value over $2,500 with a useful life over 1 year and excludes personal computers. Capital Equipment Control Policy (April 23, 2008)

Capital Asset Management is responsible for tracking and accounting for all University owned Capital Assets. We work with the University Community to ensure that the Capital Asset Policy is followed and that Capital Assets are tracked, tagged, accounted for and disposed of properly.  Capital Assets are recorded and tracked in a database with the purchase order number, fund purchased on, serial number and location. 

  • Visit our Capital Development Policy and Guidelines page for guidance on purchasing capital assets, capital asset policies, disposal methods or equipment leasing information.
  • We approve transferral within University of Manitoba, Goods for Sale, Garage Sale, Private Sale and Donation
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