Biosafety Program Permit Process and Approvals

We have combined the previous BPAC and biosafety permit processes and are implementing the biosafety program permit.This system has been designed to reduce repetitive administrative work and to better accommodate a PI’s progression in their research. 

This biosafety program permit will document a PI's risk assessment based on their program’s scope of work.  This risk assessment will be reviewed by the biological safety advisory committee (BSAC) on a monthly basis and ensures compliance as described in the U of M Administrative Oversight Plan which is a component of our HPTA licence with the Public Health Agency of Canada.  It is required for the release of Grant and Contract funds for U of M researchers whose project involves work with Risk Group 1-3 biological agents.

Approval Process for Program Permits
Researchers working with biological agents will need to submit a biosafety program permit even if no current funds are associated with the program permit. The committee will review your application to approve your research program’s scope of work.

Login to the EHSA database and fill out the Bio Program Permit and Facility Certification Questionnaire as outlined here.

Once your program permit application has been received, it will be reviewed by the institutional biosafety advisory committee on a monthly basis (see below for deadlines for the monthly meetings). As the questionnaire is extensive, we recommend that you begin filling out your questionnaire in advance of the release of research funds.

Facility Certification
The facility certification is part of the program permit and encompasses personnel, rooms, and safety equipment. Use the same questionnaire to update your laboratory personnel, rooms or equipment. These changes will be reviewed and approved by the biosafety program and will result in a signed facility certification that will need to be posted in your approved bio-permitted spaces.

Release of Research Funds
Once your biosafety program permit has been approved, you can amend your program permit to add new funds to be released.   

  • If the attached fund fits within your approved scope, the BSO and Chair can approve the release of these funds without committee review. 
  • If the attached fund includes new procedures, biological agents or any other modifications that will change your original risk assessment, the amendments will need to undergo committee review.

If you have any questions or require assistance, contact us at

2019 Deadline Dates Program Permit Submissions (Reviewed by the BSAC committee)

Submissions are due by end of day (4:30pm CST) on the first Thursday of each month except where noted*

 Submission Deadline   

BSAC Meeting 

Thurs Nov 29/2018*    Thurs Dec 13/18
Thurs Jan 3/2019         Thurs Jan 17/2019 
Thurs Feb 7/2019 Thurs Feb 21/2019
Thurs Mar 7/2019     Thurs Mar 21/2019 
Thurs Apr 4/2019   Thurs Apr 18/2019
Thurs May 2/2019     Thurs May 16/2019
Thurs Jun 6/2019     Thurs Jun 20/2019
Thurs Jul 4/2019 Thurs Jul 18/2019
Thurs Aug 1/2019 Thurs Aug 15/2019
Thurs Aug 29/2019*    Thurs Sept 12/2019
Thurs Oct 3/2019     Thurs Oct 17/2019
Thurs Nov 7/2019     Thurs Nov 21/2019
Thurs Nov 28/2019* Thurs Dec 12/2019